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Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

Q1. A teacher is expected to do all except  
(a) Participation in community activity 
(b) Help pupils to solve their problems 
(c) Taking interest in politics 
(d) Keeping students records 

Q2. An effective teacher will ensure 
(a) Cooperation among his students 
(b) Laissez fair role 
(c) Competition among students 
(d) Competition and cooperation as per situation 

Q3. One of the essential features of research is 
(a) Usability  
(b) Generality 
(c) Objectivity 
(d) Replicability 
Q4. The school and community should work together as 
(a) The school is an integral part of the community 
(b) The community provides resources for learning 
(c) The community helps in understanding the diverse nature of the students 
(d) Children learn to cooperate with one another 

Q5. While teaching a teacher was referring to attention, memory problem solving, memory and planning. What was he teaching?
(a) Cognition 
(b) Communication 
(c) Social skills 
(d) Peer pressure 

Q6. For explaining psychological environment which of the following was used by Kurt Lewin?  
(a) Life Space 
(b) Life Span  
(c) Life Sketch 
(d) Life Margin 

Q7. A teacher finds some of his students exceptionally bright and intelligent. How will he teach them?
(a) Along with higher classes 
(b) Using enriched curriculum 
(c) As per his wish 
(d) Along with rest of the class 

Q8. Which of the following is an objective question?  
(a) True and false 
(b) Fill in the blanks 
(c) Open ended question 
(d) One word answer 

Q9. Which of the following has promoted the ‘insight theory of learning? 
(a) Vygotsky 
(b) Jean Piaget 
(c) ‘Gestalt theorists’
(d) Pavlov 

Q10. Teaching aids are helpful because they 
(a) Help teacher’s work 
(b) Activate all sense 
(c) Help students to be attentive 
(d) Make learning more meaningful