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Science Quiz For KVS 2016 Exams

Science Quiz For KVS 2016 Exams_30.1

Q1. Urine of mammal contain excretory product___
(a) Uric acid
(b) Ammonia
(c) Urea
(d) All

Q2. Ptyalin is an enzyme produced in the
(a) salivary glands
(b) pituitary glands
(c) thyroid glands
(d) pancreas

Q3. J. B. Sumner isolated first enzyme from Jackbeans as —
(a) amylase
(b) trypsin
(c) urease
(d) renin

Q4. One of these vitamins is called erythrocyte maturation factor —
(a) A
(b) C
(c) K
(d) B12

Q5. Mainly which colour/s is responsible for photosynthesis?
(a) green & orange
(b) green
(c) voilet
(d) red & blue

Q6.Children especially in western countries who receive very little sunshine suffer from
(a) rickets
(b) dermatitis
(c) scurvy
(d) kwashiorkor

Q7.In water treatment plant, use of chloramines ensures __________
(a) taste and odour control
(b) weed control in reservoirs
(c) disinfection
(d) removal of permanent hardness

Q8.Super cooling stands for cooling of a liquid :
(a) at freezing point
(b) below freezing point
(c) at melting point
(d) above melting point

Q9.Alcohol is more volatile than water because _________ is lower than water
(a) its boiling point
(b) its density
(c) its viscosity
(d) its surface tension

Q10.Which of the following is used to protect objects in computer system, in the absence of more complete protection schemes?
(a) digital certificate
(b) digital signature
(c) passwords
(d) tokens







S6. Ans.(a)

S7. Ans.(c)

S8. Ans.(b)

S9. Ans.(a)

S10. Ans.(c)