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Science (Pedagogy) Quiz For CTET 2017

Science (Pedagogy) Quiz For CTET 2017_30.1

Q1.Science is called-
(c)Objective, logical, systematic method of analysis of phenomena
(d)Objective, logical, systematic methods of analysis of phenomena which leads to the accumulation of reliable knowledge

Q2.Which of the following is not a characteristic of scientific methods?
(d) Definite Outcome

Q3.The students will able to ‘recall the facts’.
In above statement, the given word ‘recall’ is called-
(c)Action verb

Q4.Which of the following action verb will be used in the knowledge objective of the taxonomy of Bloom?
(b)Name and list
(d)All of the above

Q5.Behavioral objective is-
(a)Only specific objective
(b)General objective
(c)Very specific objective for which an end result or terminal behavior is stated in observable term
(d)All of the above

Q6.If you have to teach preparing CO2 gas and its structure and properties, from the following which approach will be most suitable-
(c)Learner-Teacher centered
(d)None of the above

Q7.Science is not just content. Science is content plus something. What is something here-
(d)All of these

Q8.Which of the following methods of teaching science is not included in the integrated approach of teaching science?
(a)Scientific method
(c)Activity based
(d)Lecture cum demonstration

Q9.“Science is doing” Program was initiated by which of the following organization-

Q10.Nehru Science exhibition is organized-
(d)After every six month




S3.Ans. (c)




S7.Ans. (d)