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Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1
Q1. If a student wears some odd dress and attends your class, you will do
(a) Ask the student not to attend the class
(b) Make a joke of him
(c) Communicate him not to wear such clothes
(d) Not give any attention on it

Q2. You are a history teacher and majority of the students of your class and weak in history. What should you do?
(a) Keep your speed of teaching fast
(b) You will care about only intelligent students
(c) Keep your teaching slow
(d) Keep your teaching slow along with some extra guidance

Q3. T.V. is superior to radio as teaching aid because it
(a) Is costly
(b) Invites two sense-hearing and vision simultaneously leading to more accurate form of learning
(c) Is generally liked by pupils
(d) All of the above
Q4. You are a geography teacher and use maps while teaching. What skills are required on your part to read a map?
(a) Excellent communication skills to draw out the expressive ability
(b) Ability to understand relative position of places, distance and directions
(c) Excellent drawing and painting skills
(d) Ability to use calculations and sketch position on a globe

Q5. While teaching EVS, a teacher was using examples from the outside world. What was his motive behind this?
(a) To inform the students about the books they should read to expand their knowledge
(b) To connect the experiences of the learners in school with the outside world
(c) To make learners aware of technical terms and definitions
(d) To asses technical terms related to EVS

Q6. To enable children to learn on their own and sharpen observation skills which of the following is the best way?
(a) Simple demonstration and experiments
(b) To ensure discipline in the class
(c) To follow what is being done in the senior class
(d) To organise guest lecture

Q7. As a teacher you always say that students should play game also. Why do you say so?
(a) It makes them physically strong
(b) It makes work easier for teacher
(c) It helps in passing time
(d) It develops co-operation and physical balance

Q8. You are given the topic of ‘Social value among students’. How will you teach them?
(a) By telling them about good people
(b) By developing sense of discipline
(c) By behaving ideally
(d) By telling them good stories
Q9. The practice of dramatization while teaching serves what?
(a) To show the acting ability of students
(b) To show that life is a drama
(c) To involve the students in the teaching learning method
(d) All of the above

Q10. Teaching aids are helpful because they
(a) Help teacher’s work
(b) Activate all sense
(c) Help students to be attentive
(d) Make learning more meaningful