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Science (Pedagogy) Quiz For CTET 2017

Science (Pedagogy) Quiz For CTET 2017_30.1

Q1.Best method of teaching –‘parts of plant’ is-
(a)Problem solving methods
(b)Field trip
(c)Project method
(d)Lecture method
Q2.Which approach is related to teaching of Science?
(a)Integrated approach
(b)Standard approach
(c)Correlation approach
(d)Unit approach
Q3.Science teaching objectives are determined on basis of-
(c)Time limitation
(d)All of the above
Q4.Which of the following increase variety and interest in the teaching of science?
(a)Observing discipline
(b)Using teaching aid
(c)Cooperation of students
(d)Personality of the teacher
Q5.When a body falls freely towards the earth, then its total energy-
(c)Remain constant
(d)First increase and then decrease
Q6.Which is the ultimate source of energy-
(d)Fossil fuel
Q7.Which of the following forms of energy leads to least environmental pollution in the process of its harnessing and utilization?
(a)Nuclear energy
(b)Thermal energy
(c)Solar energy
(d)Geothermal energy
Q8.Which part of the solar cooker is responsible for green house effects?
(a)Coating with black color inside the box
(c)Glass sheet
(d)Outer cover of the solar cooker
Q9.How a teacher can make study material more interesting?
(a)By illustrating answer
(b)By giving homework
(c)By using audio visual aids
(d)None of these
Q10.A photo essay is to enable a student
(a)To learn about a particular situation through reading visuals
(b)To learn about the technique of photography
(c)To understand the importance of the proof
(d)None of the above

S1.Ans. (b)
S2.Ans. (a)
S3.Ans. (d)
S4.Ans. (b)