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PM Modi’s Address To The Nation On Coronavirus

PM Modi's Address To The Nation On Coronavirus_30.1

PM Modi's Address To The Nation On Coronavirus_40.1PM Modi’s Address to the Nation on Coronavirus

As the epidemic Covid-19 continues to take different cities of the country in its grasp, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the nation about what the government is doing to help in the crisis. Also, he mentioned what the citizens are expected to do so that the problem can get a break from spreading out. 

The Highlights of The Speech

PM Modi mentioned that this is the very first time when the entire world is scared of an epidemic. Even World War 1 and World War 2 were not able to affect the world this way. Science is not able to come up with a proper remedy of the issue as of yet, and hence, it is quite obvious to panic. 

He added that though right now India is not affected as much as the other countries, people should up their guards so that the virus does not affect them. 

Different nations have sent back citizens to their respective countries due to this outbreak. The Indian Government is taking steps to bring these citizens home back safely and also have an eye on them. 

Apart from what the Government is doing, the public is also required to responsibly take measures such as being at home for the next few days. 

He added about the Janta Curfew that is going to take place on 22nd March from 7 am to 9 pm. This will be a day when people need to stay back at home strictly and only those who are required for essential services will be stepping out. 

Mr. Modi mentioned that this curfew will be observed to be an event that can let the world know that India is ready to tackle any situation that may rise up in the future due to the spread of the virus. 

He also requested the public to not to pressure the medical services and hospitals for routine checkups or lesser important concerns as of now because hospitals are already burdened with the checks ups and treatments of patients affected by Covid-19. 

He has also assured that during the situations of crisis also, the supply of necessary items will not be interrupted much. This assurance was followed by a request to the citizens for not stocking up items at home as this could lead to a crisis situation even when it is not needed.

Talking about the economic breakdown, PM has mentioned that Nirmala Sitharaman, our Finance Minister will be handling a task force to take care of the condition soon. 

He talked about the people who have to go out on service even during such a situation, such as doctors, army, cleaners, and other people without whom the whole country’s service may come down. He said that on the day of Janta Curfew, everyone should also pray for these people who are providing uninterrupted services to the society despite the fact that they can also get affected by the virus. 

As of now the cases of coronavirus patients have crossed more than 200. In this condition, our Prime Minister has been constantly in touch with social media in order to let the public know about the measures to take in order to stay safe without getting panicked. Not traveling without any urgent reason, not having gatherings, and staying at home are some of the important steps that have been advised. 

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