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PM Modi addressed Nation on “School Education in 21st Century” under NEP 2020: Check For More Details

PM Modi addressed Nation on “School Education in 21st Century” under NEP 2020: Check For More Details_30.1

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at conclave on ‘ School Education in 21st Century’ under National Education Policy(NEP) 2020. The two-day conclave organized by the Ministry of Education as a part of ‘Shiksha Parv(Festival of Education)’. PM Modi talked about about the changes the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 will bring and  also stated that “National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 will sow the seeds for starting a new era, will give new direction to 21st century India.”.

The National Education Policy(NEP) was framed in 1986. It experiences more than three decades. But the need of various skills of the 21st century is not matching with the NEP 1986. So, it needs to gear up and formation of New National Education Policy NEP 2020 takes place. NEP 2020 ensures that it will be beneficial in providing quality education in India.

Highlights of PM Modi Speech

  • PM Modi addresses the conclave on ‘Transformational Reforms of Higher Education  related to higher education.
  • NEP 2020 will ensures that the education will not be limited in four walls but it also provide extra knowledge with curricular activities.
  • National Curriculum Framework(NCF) will be developed in 2022 which ensures to provide quality education to the students.
  • Education should not to be concentrated on rote learning, it should emphasis children for critical thinking
  • NEP 2020 will focus on the demand of 21st-century skills, mathematical thinking and scientific temper.
  • According to NEP 2020, Learning should be based on experimentation, innovation, fun-based and discovery based learning.
  • The learning in schools for children should be Fun Learning, Playful Learning, Activity Based Learning and Discovery Based Learning.
  • Every school should have toy museum, community library, Multilingual Dictionary and Kitchen Garden to improve child development on all levels.
  •  It is very necessary to develop a learning environment with greater learning spirit, scientific and logical thinking, mathematical thinking and scientific temperament for child development.
  • Under the National Education Policy, the development of foundational literacy and numeracy will be taken as a national mission.
  • PM also emphasize on education which is connected to the real world, to our lives and to the surrounding environment.
  • The Prime Minister stressed on the innovative methods which can be fulfill with  adapting 5 E Formula i.e. – Engage, Explore, Experience, Express and Excel.
  • In 21st century, Teaching Learning process should be done in constructive way not in traditional way which can be happen with NEP 2020.
  • A National Curriculum Framework will be developed to make learning integrated and interdisciplinary, fun based and complete experience.
  • PM Modi stressed on the new education skills with 5 C’s i.e – Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Curiosity and Communication.
  • All students should learn coding from the beginning, understand Artificial Intelligence, join Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Data Science and Robotics.
  • National education policy also addresses big issue – marksheet driven education which is dominating in place of learning driven education in our country.
  • NEP has proposed a holistic report card which will be a detailed sheet of unique potential, aptitude, attitude, talent, skills, efficiency, competency and possibilities of the students.
  • National Assessment Center “Parakh” will also be established for the overall improvement of the evaluation system.
  • The local language, mother tongue should be the medium of education up to grade five at least under  National Education Policy.
  • 10+2 curricula structure will be replaced by 5+3+3+4 curricula structure in NEP 2020.

As PM Modi addresses about National Education Policy 2020 , the main focus of NEP 2020 was on constructive learning , activity based learning and discovery learning which will be entertaining and knowledgeful for all students  and their over all development.

‘Shiksha Parv’

Shiksha Parv is conducted by the Ministry Of Education from 8 September 2020 to 25 September 2020. Its main focus is to educate Principals, teachers and parents about NEP 2020. Various seminars and webinars are being organized on several aspects of NEP 2020.Shiksha Parv is proved to be helpful to facilitate the teachers and Put National Education Policy forward.

What is NEP?

The National Education Policy was framed in 1968 & 1986 and modified in 1992.This is the third time NEP has revised before that it was revised in the year 1992. The changes has been made by after almost 34 years. For More Details about NEP :

National Education Policy 2020 – Check NEP Complete Details Here

How NEP Impacting TET/CTET Qualified Teacher Recruitment Process

New Education Policy 2020 has replaced by the older version of the Education policy introducing many new ideas. The idea behind introducing the new policy is to amend major focus on education and learning both at school and college level. After its implementation in the education system, the New Education Policy 2020 will have its impact on CTET and TET qualified teachers and their recruitment process in KVS and NV government education system.

Check Details about NEP Impacting TET/CTET Qualified Teacher Recruitment Process

Teaching Recruitment Process Under NEP 2020

TET or NTA test scores will also be taken into account for the teacher recruitment process. Along with that, classroom demonstrations or interviews will serve as essential benchmarks in the selection of school teachers. Read the below article to know how new education policy will affect Teachers Recruitment Process.

Teaching Recruitment Process Under NEP 2020

Focus on Sanskrit Language

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 emphasis on the setting up of an Indian Institute of Translation and Interpretation while also laying compelled emphasis on the Sanskrit language along with other Indian languages. NPE 2020 stated that a sufficient focus must be shifted towards Indian and regional languages and Sanskrit language would be mainstreamed in the education system as per the New Policy.

National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 : Focus on Sanskrit Language

5+3+3+4 System

Under the National Education Policy 2020, the old educational structure of 10+2 system has been shifted by 5+3+3+4 system. With emphasis on Early Childhood Care and Education, the 10+2 structure of school curricula is to be replaced by a 5+3+3+4 curricular structure. Earlier the education system in school was well known as 10+2 which depicts 10 years of secondary education and 2 years of higher secondary education after which the students was eligible to take admission into colleges for graduation and higher studies. The new system will have 12 years of schooling with three years of Anganwadi/ pre schooling.  Here we are going to learn more about new education system i.e. 5+3+3+4 system.

National Education Policy 2020 shifted from 10+2 to 5+3+3+4 System: Check Here Details

PM Modi addressed Nation on “School Education in 21st Century” under NEP 2020: Check For More Details_40.1




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