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One Word Substitutions -Download English Grammar Study Notes FREE PDF For REET Exam

One Word Substitutions -Download English Grammar Study Notes FREE PDF For REET Exam_30.1

In many teaching exams including REET 2020, MPTET 2020 STET 2020 etc. English may be an interesting subject having and 15 questions of English content and 15 questions of English Pedagogy in each paper of REET and other State TET Exams. 

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One Words Denoting Persons :



S. No. One Words Denoting Persons
1. Agnostic One who is not sure about God’s existence.
2. Altruist a lover of mankind (Syn. Philanthropist)
3. Amateur one who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession
4. Arbitrator a person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute
5. Atheist a person who does not believe in God (Ant.-Theist)
6. Bankrupt one who is unable to pay his debts (Syn.-Insolvent)
7. Bohemian an unconventional style of living
8. Chauvinist a person who is blindly devoted to an idea
9. Connoisseur a critical judge of any art and craft
10. Cosmopolitan a person who regards the whole world as his country
11. Debonair suave (polished and light hearted person)
12. Dilettante a dabbler (not serious) in art, science and literature
13. Egoist one lover of oneself, of one’s advancement
14. Emigrant a person who leaves his country to settle in another country (Ant.-Immigrant)
15. Fatalist one who believes in fate
16. Feminist one who works for the welfare of women (Syn.-Philogynist)
17. Fugitive one who runs away from justice (Syn.-Absconding person)
18. Gourmand a love of good food
19. Gourmet a connoisseur of food
20. Henpecked a husband ruled by his wife
21. Herbivorous one that lives on herbs
22. Iconoclast one who is breaker of images and traditions
23. Illiterate one who dies not know reading or writing (Ant.-Literate)
24. Immigrant a person who comes to a country form his own country for settling  (Ant.-emigrant)
25. Impregnable that cannot be entered by force (Ant.-Pregnable)
26. Introvert One who does not express himself freely (Ant.-Extrovert)
27. Insolvent a person who is unable to pay his debts (Syn.-Bankrupt)
28. Invincible one too strong to be defeated (Ant.-Vincible)
29. Invulnerable one that cannot be harmed/wounded (Ant.-Vulnerable)
30. Libertine a person who leads an immoral life (Syn.-Lecher)
31. Martyr one who dies for a noble cause
32. Misanthrope one who hates mankind (Ant.-Philanthropist)
33. Misogamist one who hates the institution of marriage
34. Misologist one who hate knowledge (Ant.-Bibliologist)
35. Namesake a person having the same name as another
36. Numismatist one who collects coins
37. Omnivorous one who eats everything
38. Optimist a person who looks at the bright side of thing (Ant. – Pessimist)
39. Orphan one who has lost one’s parents
40. Philanthropist one who loves mankind (Ant. – Misanthrope)
41. Philogynist one who works for the welfare of women (Ant. – Misogynist)
42. Pacifist one who hates war, loves peace
43. Pessimist one who looks at the dark side of life (Ant. – Optimist)
44. Philanderer one who amuses oneself by love making
45. Philistine one who does not care for art and literature
46. Pedestrian one who goes on foot
47. Recluse one who lives in seclusion
48. Sadist a person who feels pleasure by hurting others
49. Somniloquist a person who talks in sleep
50. Termagant a noisy quarrelsome woman, a shrew
51. Truant one who remains absent form duty without permission
52. Uxorious one extremely fond of one’s wife
53. Veteran one who has a long experience of any occupation
54. Versatile one who adapts oneself readily to various situations
55. Volunteer one who offers one’s services
56. Verbose a style face of difficult words


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