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Maths Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016

Maths Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

Q1. Teaching techniques are based on
(a) Projection theory
(b) Classical theory of human organization
(c) Cognitive theory of development
(d) Modern theory of human organization

Q2. Brain storming strategy in mathematics teaching is based on
(a) Psychological principle
(b) Problem-solving principles
(c) Creative thinking
(d) All of these

Q3. BS Bloom educational process includes
(a) educational objectives
(b) learning experiences 
(c) change in behaviour
(d) All of the above

Q4. The curriculum is developed in view of 
(a) educational objectives
(b) child development
(c) national development
(d) All of these

Q5. The lesson plan means the detailed description which a teacher completes in a 
(a) definite period
(b) indefinite period
(c) full day
(d) None of these

Q6. The development of the lesson planning occurred as a result of
(a) child psychology
(b) clinical psychology
(c) gestalt psychology
(d) All of these

Q7. In the scope of educational diagnosis use is made of 
(a) interview
(b) observation
(c) diagnostic test
(d) All of these
Q8. Evaluation should be done in teaching of mathematics
(a) at the time of providing of experiences of learning
(b) at the time of clarification of objectives
(c) after the clarification of objectives and providing the experiences of learning
(d) At all the above levels

Q9. According to BS Bloom, the domain of learning objectives are
(a) 6 types
(b) 4 types
(c) 3 types
(d) None of these
Q10. For evaluation, teacher should use
(a) essay type questions
(b) oral testing
(c) objective type questions
(d) All of these