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IT Questions For NVS Exam : 17th April 2019 (Solutions)

IT Questions For NVS Exam : 17th April 2019 (Solutions)_30.1
As NVS exam is approaching, you must practice and pay attention to all the subject and section to maximise your score in the final exam. NVS PGT (IT) is one of the most awaited teaching vacancies.This IT section based questions can help you to improve your overall score if in case other sections are tougher than the expectation. Solve or Answer these 15 Computer Knowledge Questions to test your preparation for NVS and other upcoming Teaching Exams of 2019.

Q1. Which of the following algorithm technique is used in the quick sort?
(a) Dynamic algorithm
(b) Back tracking
(c) Divide and Conquer
(d) Greedy algorithm
Q2. Which of the following sorting algorithm has the worst time complexity [O(n log(n))]?
(a)Quick sort
(b)Bubble sort
(c)Insertion sort
(d)Heap sort
Q3. In which phase of compiler design programs are converted into tokens?
(a) Syntax Analyzer
(b) Lexical Analyzer
(c) Semantic Analyzer
(d) Code optimizer
Q4.Which of the following password format is more secure?
(a) Abc123
(b) Keyword
(c) HbGd#
(d) Hgm@22Ds
Q5.IP Address belong to_____
(a) Class A
(b) Class B
(c) Class C
(d) Class D
Q6.’REVOKE’ command is used in which category of SQL statement?
(a) DCL
(b) TCL
(c) DML
(d) DDL
Q7.All java classes are derived from:
Q8.What is the act of willful changing data, using fraudulent input or removal of controls called_____.
(a) Data diddling
(b) Data contaminating
(c) Data capturing
(d) Data trashing
Q9.Which layer provides for the syntax of the data?
(a) Application Layer
(b) Session Layer
(c) Transport Layer
(d) Presentation Layer
Q10.What are the 3 principles of information security?
(a) Authentication, Availability, Accessibility
(b) Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, 
(c) Integrity, Authentication, Confidentiality
(d) Availability, Security, Encryption
Q11.Which of the following is correct order of Clauses for an SQL Query?
Q12.which of the following statement is correct about HAVING clause?
(a) HAVING clause is used for rows rather than columns.
(b) HAVING clause is used for columns rather than groups.
(c) HAVING clause acts exactly like a WHERE clause.
(d) HAVING clause is used to mention condition in Group based SQL functions
Q13.Default subnet mask of Class A IP address is?
Q14.Which of the following protocol is used for securing connections between network application clients and servers over an insecure network?
Q15.Which of the following is an example for Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP)?
(a)  Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Protocol
(b) Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
(c) Border Gateway Protocol
(d) Both (A) and (B)

S1. Ans.(c) 
Sol. Quick sort used Divide and Conquer method. In this method divide problem into several smaller sub problems. Conquer the sub problems by solving them recursively. Combine the solutions to get a solution to the sub problems. Divide and Conquer algorithms are normally recursive.
Sol. Heap sort is a comparison based sorting technique based on Binary Heap data structure. It is similar to selection sort where we first find the maximum element and place the maximum element at the end. We repeat the same process for remaining element. The worst time complexity of Heap sort is O[n log n].
Sol. Lexical analysis is the first phase of compiler which is also termed as scanning. Source program is scanned to read the stream of characters and those characters are grouped to form a sequence called lexemes which produces token as output. Token is a sequence of characters that represent lexical unit, which matches with the pattern, such as keywords, operators, identifiers etc. Once a token is generated the corresponding entry is made in the symbol table.
Sol. A good password is made up of a number of different characteristics. For instance, it should be at least 6 – 8 characters long and should include at least two uppercase letters, lowercase letters, Symbols and numbers. As you mentioned, it shouldn’t be obvious. Definitely do not use your children’s names or pet’s names. For that matter, it shouldn’t even be a real word person, place or thing. Use random characters. The more random the sequence of characters, the more secure the password will be.
S5. Ans.(b)
Sol. Range  of  Class B  IP  address  to
Sol. DCL is used to create roles, permissions, and referential integrity as well it is used to control access to database by securing it. These SQL commands are used for providing security to database objects. These commands are GRANT and REVOKE.
GRANT to allow specified users to perform specified tasks.
REVOKE to cancel previously granted or denied permissions.
Sol. java.lang.Object class is the super base class of all Java classes.  Every other Java classes descend from Object.
Sol. Data diddling is a method adopted by computer criminals. Data diddling is the changing of data before or during entry into computer system or altering the raw data just before it processed by a computer and then changing it back after the processing is complete. Using this technique, the criminals can manipulate the output and it is not so easy to identify.
Sol. The primary goal of presentation layer is to take care of the syntax and semantics of the information exchanged between two communicating systems. Presentation layer takes care that the data is sent in such a way that the receiver will understand the information (data) and will be able to use the data. Presentation layer also called syntax layer
Sol. A principle which is a core requirement of information security for the safe utilization, flow, and storage of information is the CIA triad. CIA stands for confidentiality, integrity, and availability and these are the three main objectives of information security.
Sol. Syntax of SQL SELECT Statement:
SELECT column_list FROM table-name 
[WHERE Clause]
[GROUP BY clause]
[HAVING clause]
[ORDER BY clause];
Sol. Having clause is used to filter data based on the group functions. This is similar to WHERE condition but is used with group functions. Group functions cannot be used in WHERE Clause but can be used in HAVING clause.
Sol. In an IP network, every machine on the same physical network sees all the data packets sent out on the network. As the number of computers on a network grows, network traffic will grow many fold, bringing down performance drastically. In such a situation, you would divide your network into different subnetworks and minimize the traffic across the different subnetworks. Interconnectivity between the different subnets would be provided by routers, which will only transmit data meant for another subnet across itself. To divide a given network address into two or more subnets, you use subnet masks. The default subnet masks for class A networks is, for class B is, and for class C is
Sol. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard protocol used for the secure transmission of documents over a network. Developed by Netscape, SSL technology creates a secure link between a Web server and browser to ensure private and integral data transmission. SSL uses Transport Control Protocol (TCP) for communication.
Sol. Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) is a protocol for exchanging routing information between two neighbor gateway hosts (each with its own router) in a network of autonomous systems. EGP is commonly used between hosts on the Internet to exchange routing table information.