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Important List Of Sports Terms – General Awareness Notes For DSSSB Exam

Important List Of Sports Terms – General Awareness Notes For DSSSB Exam_30.1

General Awareness is one of the sections students need to prepare for DSSSB 2021 examination. It’s time for all the aspirants aiming to get selected in DSSSB to face the challenge and prepare General Awareness, as it is equally important as Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English and Computers section for these Exams.

General Awareness Quiz For Govt. Teaching Exam with DSSSB Study Plan


BADMINTON: Deuce, Double Fault, Drop Shot, First Hand, Let Second Hand Service, Smash, Lob, Side Out, Cross Court, Wrong Court, Service Changes, Bird, Racket, Low Services, Net Short, Shuttle Cork, Net, Love, Long Service Line, Centre Line, Flight, Mixed Doubles, Cross Shot, Service Break.

BASEBALL: Battery, Bunting, Catcher, Diamond, Plate, Hitter, Home, Infield, Outfield Base, Pegging, Pitcher, Putout, Short Stop, Strike Run, Pitchers Plate, First Base, Slider, Bottom Fence, Ground Ball, Sacrifice, Stolen Base, Flying Ball, Umpire.

BASKETBALL: Carrying, Dribble, Held ball, Holding, Jamb ball, Free Throw, Multiple Throw, Pivot, Shifting Zone, Block, Basket, Substitute, Live Ball out of Bounds.

BILLIARDS: Bolting, Break, Cue, Cannons, In Baulks, Jigger, Pot, Jenny – Long and Short, Scratch, Screw, Back, Spot Stroke, Spider, Frame, Handicap, Short and Long Rest.

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BOXING : Auxiliary Point System, Break, Babit Punch, Bantam Weight, Cut, Defence, Down, Hook, Jab, Knock Out, Laying On, Punch, Upper Cut, Weight – Feather and Fly, Welter, Bantom, Neutral Corner, Ring Craft, Bell Backhander, Barrage, Hitting Below the Belt, Round, Blow, Guard, Bounce of Ropes, Hang on, Ring Side, Clinch, Cover Up, Kidney Punch, Bout, Lead,

BRIDGE : Dealer, Dummy, Finesse, Revoke, Rubber, Ruff, Slam – Grand and Little, Suit, Tricks, Trumps, Vulnerable, Diamond, Club, Heart, Spade.

CHESS: Castle, Check, Checkmate, Gambit, King, Knight, Pawn, Queen, Rook, Stalemate, Caro-kann defence, Grand Master, Perpetual Check, Resign, Sicilian Defence.

CRICKET: Beamer, Bodyline, Break, Bumper, Bouncer, Chinaman, Chucker, Seamer, Stone Walling, The Ashes, The Rubber, Bowled, Catch, Hit Wicket, Leg Spin, Top Spin, Over, Fielder, Run, Slip Long on, Long – off, Mid – on, Mid – off, Square leg, Third – man, Fine – leg, Long – leg, Point, Cover, Gully, Umpire, Bells, Full toss, Mid-Wicket, Pitch, Hall – Volley, No Ball, Wide Ball, Leg Bye, LBW (Leg before wicket) Follow On, Innings, Cutter, Swing, Boundary


CROQUET: Hoops, Mallet, Peg Out.


FOOTBALL: Corner Kick, Dribble, Free Kick, Hand Ball, Head, Holding, Penalty Kick, off Side, Stopper, Trapping, Throw In, Foul, Mid – Fielder, Back Pass, Forward, Back, Goalkeeper, Indirect Kick, Linesman, Goal Post, Referee, Touchline, Sudden death, Corner fag, Fair Charge, Winger, Red Card, Sweeper,

GOLF : Bogey, Caddie, Holes, Green holes, Green, Foursome, Fairway, Links, Par, Putting Rough, Tee, Threesome, Bunker, Drive, Club, Birdie, Grip, Flag stick, Handicap, Spoon, Scratch, By Blaster, Half spin, Eagle, Pitch and Run, Link Course, Playing the life.

GYMNASTICS: Horizontal Fixed Bar, Parallel Bar Rings, Vaulting Horse, Trampoline, Ribbon Exercise, Somersault, Pommel Horse, Roman Rings

HOCKEY: Bully Carry, Hat – trick, Free Hit, Long Corner, Push, Stroke, Scoop, Short Corner, Stick Striking Circle, Tie Breaker, Under Cutting, Wrong Touch Line, Sudden Death, Carry, Trapping, Obstruction, Infringement, Flick, Centre Half

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KABADDI: Anti, Backline, Lob, Raider, Waiting Block

KHO – KHO: Active Chaser, Chase, Cross lane, Runners pole

LAWN TENNIS : Backhand Drive, Deuce, Double Fault, Drive, Fault, Half Volley, Let, Net, Service, Smash, Vault Volley, Ace, Cross Court, Passing Short, Down the Line Slice, Tie Break, Drop Shot, Lob, Set, Game, Grand Slam, Circuit, Ground Stroke, Clay Court, Reverse Single, Set Point, Match – Point, Break – Point, Change of Ends, Over Head, Straight Set, Kill

POLO: Bunker, Chucker, Mallette, Angle Shot, Right Off Way, Free Hit, Polo Stick, Ride Off, Safety Area Galloping, Handicap, Goal, 60 Yarder, Hook, Interval

RIFLE SHOOTING : Bag, Bull’s Eye, Marksmanship Muzzle, Plug, Target

ROWING: Bow, Bucket, Cow, Feather, Paddle, Regatta

RUGBY FOOTBALL: A Tackle, Drop – Kick, Lines, Touch, Try

RUGBY WRESTLING : Drop Kick SKIING : Tobogganing

SQUASH: Court, Board, Boast, Cut, Half Court, Game Ball, Hand In, Foot Fault, Service Box, Nick, Cut Line, Deflection, Over Arm Service, Back Quarter,

SWIMMING: Back – Stroke, Breast Stroke, Butterfly Stroke, Crawl, Free Style

TABLE TENNIS: Edge Balls, Net – Service, Swing, Rally, Control End, Smash, Drop, Let, Deuce, Table, Topspin Grip, Chinese Grip, Pen Holder Grip, Counter Hitting, Push Stroke

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VOLLEYBALL: Blocking, Booster, Doubling, Heave, Love, Service Smasher, Spikers, Volley, Net Ball, Rotation, Point, Switch, Overlapping, Net Fault, Floater, Power Serve, Double Hit, Hook Serve

WEIGHT LIFTING: Weight – Bantam, Feather and Heavy, Snatch Jerk, Platform Squat, Bench Press Clean, Two Hand, Military Press, Locked Arms, No Lift, Dead Lit, Lock, Tie, Disk, Grip

WRESTLING: Floored, Hall Nelson, Head Lock, Drop kick, Heave, Hit, Hold, Mat, Scissor, Weight Bantam, Feather, Fly, Heavy and Welter, Free Style, Greco Roman, Fall, Obstacles, Caution, Slam, Sudden Death, Tie, foul, Hook, Cross Pace, Bridge, Body Press.

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