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Important English Questions | Practice Now | 17th July 2019 (Solutions)

Important English Questions | Practice Now | 17th July 2019 (Solutions)_30.1

Today, We are providing you the English Questions which help you to evaluate your performance by attempting these questions on regular basis. On daily basis, we will try to provide a variety of study material for English language or English Pedagogy section. These questions will help you a lot to prepare well in Language section in each teaching competitive examination like CTETHTET ExamKVSDSSSBNVS,UPTET etc.
Directions (1-10): Each of the following sentences has a black space and four words are given below it. Select the word you consider most appropriate for the blank space.
Q1. Proud people often look down __________ others.
(a) on
(b) for
(c) at
(d) upon
Q2. You are welcome to partake __________ their light refreshment. 
(a) in
(b) for
(c) at
(d) of
Q3. I am still paying off debts _________during the marriage of my daughter.
(a) accrued
(b) occurred 
(c) tedium
(d) piled 
Q4. Instead of going by train, we could have gone ______________ by car.
(a) alternately
(b) almost
(c) bulwarked 
(d) alternatively
Q5. When he got married he __________ a life insurance policy.
(a) took up 
(b) took out
(c) took in
(d) took over
Q6. William Shakespeare is also famous for his ___________wit.
(a) natty 
(b) nondescript
(c) morbid
(d) mordant
Q7. The separate details ____________ to form a single body of scientific thought.
(a) coalesce
(b) raiment
(c) largesse
(d) megalith
Q8. Because I wanted to ____________ my favourite actor at the movie premiere, I stood outside in the rain for seven hours.
(a) forage
(b) starry
(c) descry
(d) impute
Q9. He was ____________ at being excluded from the meeting.
(a) vanguard
(b) peeved
(c) upfront
(d) savant
Q10. Best friends have a deep ____________ which is often inexplicable to others.
(a) camaraderie
(b) bland
(c) veneer
(d) façade


S1. Ans.(d)

Sol. Look down upon: To look down upon is defined as to consider someone or something lesser or inferior in some way.
Hence option D is the correct choice.
S2. Ans.(d)
Sol. Partake: to take part in an activity.
Partake of: to eat or drink something especially something that is offered to you.
Hence option D is the correct choice.
S3. Ans.(a)
Sol. Accrue: accumulate or receive (payments or benefits) over time.
Hence option A is the correct choice.
S4. Ans.(d)
Sol. Alternatively means ‘as an option’. Alternately means ‘taking turns’. Hence option D is correct.
S5. Ans.(b)
Sol. Take out: to get something officially, especially from an insurance company, bank, or law court.
Hence option B is the correct choice.
S6. Ans.(d)
Sol. Mordant: (especially of humor) having or showing a sharp or critical quality; biting.
Hence option D is the correct choice.
S7. Ans.(a)
Sol. Coalesce: Come together to from one mass or whole.
Hence option A is the correct choice.
S8. Ans.(c)
Sol. Descry: Catch sight of.
Hence option C is the correct choice.
S9. Ans.(b)
Sol. Peeved: Aroused to impatience or anger. 
Hence option B is the correct choice.
S10. Ans.(a)
Sol. Camaraderie: Mutual trust & friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.
Bland: Lacking strong features or characteristics and therefore uninteresting. 
Hence option A is correct.