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How To Utilize This #Lockdown Time In a Productive way?

How To Utilize This #Lockdown Time In a Productive way?_30.1

The lockdown is an unusual situation to be in; a lot of people don’t know what to do with themselves—especially students who might have sat hours together to study and prepare for exams or assignment completion. But days on end, being stuck in a house arrest may be too much for people studying. It is a period in the lives of students who like to be more out of the house than in the house. As it is a long time, it might be difficult for people to pass the time at home 24*7.

If you are bored by staying at home, then here are the few tips or things you can do during this lockdown period to utilize your leisure time and experience quarantine in the best possible way.

1. Study Online

Now that we must utilize all the time that we have in our hands because we aren’t sure when the classes will begin. The students can catch up study material online and collaborate with all their friends. It would be great to prepare notes and virtually get to hang out with friends. It is something they can gain during the quarantine. You need not slog online the whole day but allocate certain time slots a day to work on your subjects or topics of study. Buy your favourite course, or videos course available online and clear your doubts for fruitful results.

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2. Read More & More Books:

Books can be your best friend. You can read novels, magazines or study-related books or journals as per your choice and interest. Books are also available online at kindle and various other platforms. Reading will help you gain a new perspective of thinking and improve your vocabulary as well.

As student, you have several options, whether you want to
• learn a new language or improve on the one you know.
• Learn about a region that you would like to explore later.
• Learn a new kind of hobby from an online tutorial like learn to play an instrument or make some origami.

3. Stay Fit:

The one thing that Covid-19 has taught us is that we should not neglect our health in any way. You can stay fit by exercising on a daily basis. Work out at home. Start from the basic exercises like stretching, jumping, skipping etc.

4.Watch Your Favourite Movies Or TV Shows

Read or listen to audiobooks concerning either your study material related or something light that would keep you occupied. Checking out autobiographies would be great to begin. Since the internet can help you maintain social distancing, you can use to keep up with your. Binge-watch your favourite TV show that you always wanted

5. Develop a Habit

As per many psychologists, you require 21 days to develop and leave any habit in your daily life. It can be your food habits, hygiene habits, eating habits or sleeping habits. With discipline and simple efforts, you can bring a change in your lifestyle. Learn a new kind of hobby from an online tutorial like learn to play an instrument or make some origami. Make sure to stick to your schedule and stay consistent with what you have promised to yourself.

6. Spend some time with family

In our busy schedule, we don’t have enough time to spend with our family. Sit with your parents, listen to them, and talk to them politely. You have got the golden chance to keep your busy life aside and spend the precious moments with your family. Don’t let it go away.

7. Cooking Experiments:

You can utilize the lockdown period by doing some cooking experiment in their kitchen . Its time to think of the innovative recipes and explore the foodie in you. Always wanted to try that new recipe you saw on youtube? You have the time to try out the new varieties and combinations of food.

8. Help your mother with household chores:

Mothers are always engaged in daily household activities. Now, It’s high time to help your mother with household chores like cleaning, washing dishes, cooking, mopping etc. Organize your cupboard and do your work on your own.


How To Utilize This #Lockdown Time In a Productive way?_40.1


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