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How To Score 25+ in Science For CTET Exam

Many aspirants might wonder; is it possible to score 25+ marks out of 30 in the Science section of CTET Exam ? What can be the strategy for scoring high marks? We are providing you with the strategy and tips following which you can score 25+ marks in the science section. The competition has become intense over the years and one needs to be unique in its strategy to get good marks in the CTET Exam. CTET or Central Teaching Eligibility Test is a national level examination which is conducted to certify the eligibility of candidates to be appointed as teachers at the primary and upper primary schools. The paper consists of 150 Multiple Choice Questions of 1 mark each and does not have any provision of negative marking.

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Science Section in CTET Exam:

Science is one of the most difficult sections of the CTET paper, and it is quite difficult to get good marks in this subject. 30 questions will be asked in the Science section. All of these questions will be Multiple Choice, covering the syllabus from Std. VI to VIII.

The science section divides its questions into two parts:

  • Science Content ( Biology, Physics, Chemistry) which consist of 15 marks.
  • Pedagogical issues, which consist of 15 marks.

During the preparatory stages, the aspirants must develop a strategy regarding which subject in science needs how much time. It will play a huge role on the day of the exam as certain questions in the CTET 2021 exam will be time-consuming.  This strategy divides Science Subject on a topic into three parts. By relating each section to the one above it, students can expand their knowledge from a central idea.

Science Study Notes for All Teaching Exams

Topics in Science Sections CTET 2021 Preparation:




  • Food And Its Components
  • Plant And Animal Kingdom
  •  Human Physiology
  • Nutrition In Plants
  • Cell And Cell organelles
  • Natural resources And Management


  • Materials
  • Metals And Non-Metals
  • Acid, Base And Salts
  • Hydrocarbons And its Derivatives
  • Purification of Substances


  • Motion
  • Heat And Temperature
  • Light And Sound
  • Work And Energy
  • Electric Current And Circuits
  • Electromagnet


  • Food and its component, natural resources cell and organelles are some favorite and easy among all the topics. You can expect definitions, reasoning understanding based questions from these topics. So try to learn all the definitions and functions from these topics.
  • Animal and plant physiology are tough than rest of them. So try to make short notes and make diagrams flow chart so that you have clear idea of the given topics.  Don’t forget to revise the structure and functions of organ and organ systems, hormones etc.

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  • Understanding of the concept rather than mugging will help you learn and score more effectively. An application-type question based on pH is quite likely from this chapter. Make a list of elements and chemical reactions.
  • In periodic classification of elements, remember the first and last elements present in the groups and periods of the periodic table by making shortcut tricks. Solving various application-based questions from this chapter will help you to clear concepts.


  • In physics you can expect most of the numerical based questions. So try to learn all the formulas by heart. A good amount of practice of numerical problem is necessary to score well. Questions on the series and parallel combination of resistances must be practiced thoroughly to score good marks.
  • Every year one question asked from the topic Defects of Vision and their Correction topic. Understanding the phenomena of scattering and atmospheric refraction in this chapter is also very important to score good marks.

Science Pedagogical Issues:

  • Preparing for Science pedagogy is very simple and pragmatic. you must be familiar with the several pedagogical approaches & considerations, which are used for teaching a child effectively. These approaches & considerations focus on the child motivation, their attention and removal of learning barrier.
  • You must have the detailed knowledge of the methods of teaching science, maxims, approaches and TLM(Teaching Learning Materials)  topics because all questions in this section are framed around these approaches & considerations.

CTET New Syllabus 2021 & Exam Pattern

Tips to target good marks in the Science section:

  • Candidates are required to study NCERT Science books from classes VI to VIII in order to perform well in the exam.
  • You can start your preparation by focusing on weaker topics and then go with the easier topic in science subject.
  • Review the topic you completed during the previous session before moving on to a new topic.
  • The science section includes questions on pedagogy as well as practical problems. Therefore, candidates should also solve a lot of practice problems  :List Of CTET Exam Center 2021 , online test series and sample papers.
  • To target 25+ marks in the science section, candidates can also join CTET live batch for better preparation. Click below to buy CTET Test Series:
  • You can also join our CTET Video courses for better preparation in your examination.

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Other important tips:

  • It is important for candidates to identify the areas in the subject which are weak at and can improve in.
  • Additionally, reading and practicing the basic concepts, formulas and theories in advance will be very helpful during the examination.
  • A lot of focus is required in the pedagogy section, which has a scope for full marks.
  • It is also important to solve quizzes and questions from Science topics on a regular basis to improve the accuracy in the subject.

CTET Study Plan

  • Also prepare short notes on the important topics, based on the trends of the previous years’ examinations.
  • Highlight important points and make notes of it for revision before the examination.
  • Attempting CTET Previous Year Papers on a regular basis is also vital to target 25+ in this section during the examination.

Now you have this list of important concepts, try to focus and be thorough with them. Do not miss these topics. There is no shortcut other than this, and you must try hard to get through these concepts at least.

Finally, it is important to attempt the examination with a clear mind, free of any stress or panic. Take good care of your health, because a fit body hosts a healthy mind.

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