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How to Prepare for KVS 2020 Exam While Working?

How to Prepare for KVS 2020 Exam While Working?_30.1

How to Prepare For KVS Exam: Preparing for KVS Exam 2020 is golden opportunity for every aspirants who want to teach anywhere in India. There many candidates who are in a working professional and still wants to appear in KVS exam. But, the main question arises that how to prepare for KVS 2020 Exam. As KVS is going to release more than 5000 teaching vacancies, there will be many opportunities for candidates who are preparing for KVS exam.

How to Prepare For KVS Exam 2020: While Doing Job!

Preparing for any exam is not impossible when you are a working aspirant. All candidates have to work a little harder and follow a proper schedule to get success in the competitive exam. As they have to work for 8 to 9 hours so they have less time to give to studies which means they need proper guidance to manage their time well. This post gives you some tips that how to prepare for KVS 2020 exam and also which could be a helping hand to manage your job and studies simultaneously. 


  • Make a routine: This is the most important key point which a working candidate should follow before he/she starts preparing for KVS 2020 exam. Try to take out at least 3 to 4 hours of study in weekdays and give a maximum of time on weekends. Making a plan and sticking to the routine will be helpful in covering the entire syllabus on time. 

KVS 2020 Exam Pattern & Selection Process

  • Acquisition of the updated syllabus: As for the working candidates, the biggest issue is time management. Therefore what candidates can do is to read the syllabus properly and prioritise which topics they should read first and which are important. A firm grip on the syllabus and to the point notes will be very helpful in securing good marks in the KVS exam.  

KVS 2020 Syllabus & Exam pattern

  • Select few and best books: When you are a working aspirant then you do not have much time to experiment on books and notes. You have to be wise enough to choose books which include most of the topics as your aim must be clear to limit the resources. If you read many books this would waste much of your time and you may end up grabbing things that are not necessary. Select recommended books and make your concept clear, this would be sufficient to secure good marks in the exam and best way to preparing for KVS exam.  

KVS 2020 Test Series

  • Skip irrelevant topics: Focusing on the topics which are important and relevant from the exam point of view. This you can learn by going through previous year question papers or mock tests. There are many topics which do not carry more marks so it is advisable to begin your preparation with the topics which are of heavy weightage in the exam. Skip the irrelevant topics and do not stick on a single topic for a longer time.  

KVS TGT Subject List 

  • Practice mock tests & previous year question papers: Try to solve at least one mock test or previous year question paper weekly or as many as you can as practising will help you to do better in the actual exam. This would help you to learn about the exam pattern and type of questions which should be asked in the KVS exam and of course this will be very helpful to prepare for KVS 2020 Exam.  Make a plan to solve the question paper or mock test as per the time limit provided in the exam, this would let you know your speed of solving the exam. 

KVS Previous Year Papers: Download Free PDF

Preparation for KVS exam or we can say that any exam along with your job life is not a difficult or impossible thing to do, it is just you have to stick to your goal and follow the above-given tips. 

How to Prepare for KVS 2020 Exam While Working?_40.1How to Prepare for KVS 2020 Exam While Working?_50.1

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