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How to Overcome Exam Fever, Especially When You Fear Maths

Preparation is the key to excel in the entrance examinations!! This is something we have heard a number of times. As the time of the Competitive exam comes near, students tend to forget what they have memorized and get panicked with the thought of exams. Fear, that develops in the minds of students, is the ultimate reason for issues to be faced by the aspirants before the exam. Fear acts as a barrier to your selection and hinders your performance in the exam. The stress alarms ringing in your head may not allow you to study properly or concentrate during your entrance exam. This fear causes anxiety, panic attack, headaches etc, among aspirants. There is even a word for it “examinophobia” or “exam fever”.

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One aspect/section of the entrance exam that every student fears is MATHEMATICS or Math Phobia. It may be defined as a feeling of anxiety that stops one from understanding mathematical problems. Mostly, students think of math as an extremely tough subject that they cannot master. This negative attitude stops them from focusing on the subject & its problem which they are trying to solve. Thus, it is very important to overcome the fear of maths.

How to Reduce/ Eliminate Your Maths Fever?

It would be wrong to assume that students feel the stress or fear of mathematics only while preparing for the entrance exams. Seeing a maths question, you may panic during the entrance exam. Worse, you may overstress after completing your paper.
For your convenience, we have discussed ways to eliminate your mathematics fever at different stages of the entrance exam.

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Before Entrance Exam

● When you make your study plans, make sure you schedule the maths topics for when you can concentrate the most. Meaning, if you can concentrate the most in the morning, then prepare the maths exam sections in the morning. But, if you prefer to study late at night, then pick maths portions then.
● Ensure your basics are clear. This should be your every student’s first step. Revise all the formulas, theorems, concepts. You never know which formula you might need to use to solve a particular question in the exam.
● Whenever you are stuck at a maths question, ask for help. It is better to seek guidance from somebody who can help you, than stressing and obsessing over a single question. Let’s not discuss the time and energy you will waste.
● Try solving previous year’s entrance exam papers. This is one of the most helpful tricks for exams with major portions based on mathematics.

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On Entrance Exam day/ During Entrance Exam

● On your entrance exam day, avoid talking to friends who get stressed easily or who like to discuss their preparation or try to raise last minute questions (especially maths formulas). They will certainly not help you with your stress or anxiety.
● In the exam, you may come across some maths-based questions which you haven’t prepared for. Don’t panic. Take a deep breath and calm down. Panicking will not help you in any manner, rather you may solve other questions incorrectly
● When it comes to maths or calculation-based questions in the entrance exams, it is seen that there are mixed types of questions. While some questions are easy and straightforward, some might be tricky/difficult and time-taking. At that time, leave those questions and complete the paper. Then, in the end, revisit that maths questions and solve them.

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After Exam

Do not try to do the post-mortem”. You don’t need to know how you performed. Your exam is over and you have done your best. Solving each and every maths-based question after the exam to check your answer, will not help you in any manner.
Maths in the entrance exam may be a nightmare for you but remember you have the potential to surpass your fear and crack your entrance exam. Do not let your fear of mathematics guide you.

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