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How To Clear REET on 1st Attempt?

As REET Exam 2022 has been announced to be scheduled on 23rd July and 24th July 2022, it is high time for the aspiring REET candidates to pull up their shoes. Many candidates might have appeared for the exam earlier, however, there will be many more candidates who will be appearing for the REET Exam 2022 for the first time. They must be wondering and anxious about How To Clear REET on the 1st Attempt. To help the candidates clear REET on 1st Attempt, Adda247 brings the best and most effective tips for the candidates.

What is REET?

Before we hop on to the Tips, you should understand the nature of the REET Exam 2022. This will help to clear various doubts in your mind and you will be able to prepare for the REET Exam 2022 with a fresh mind. The full form of REET is Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers. It is conducted by the Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan to test the eligibility of candidates who wish to become teachers in government schools in Rajasthan.

Earlier, REET Score played a vital and direct role in the Recruitment Process of the Teaching candidates. Based on the REET Score, a merit list was created and candidates would be called for interview and document verification. However, from this year onwards, the REET score will hold no specific significance in the recruitment process of the teaching candidates. The candidates need 60% marks i.e., 90 marks out of a total of 150 marks to clear REET Exam 2022.

How To Clear REET on 1st Attempt?

Now that you have understood the basics of REET Exam 2022, let’s get down straight to the tips on How To Clear REET on 1st Attempt. They are simple yet effective. All you have to do is diligently follow the tips and tricks to derive the best results.

Cover your Syllabus Thoroughly

Do not leave any portion of the REET Syllabus 2022. Some candidates leave portions of the REET syllabus because they are scared of it or pray to Lord Almighty that questions from that section won’t come. That will be suicidal. You never know what they might ask thus it is very important for you to study everything. Create a system for yourself to be able to cover the syllabus properly. Refer good and comprehensive books.

REET New Syllabus 2022

Ask for Help

If you are not sure about some portions of the syllabus, then ask the help of the experts.  You can watch YouTube videos for guidance and directly connect with those faculty by joining online classes. This will help you receive authentic advice on how to handle certain portions of the syllabus with tricks and tips.

Try to Understand the Questions

Go through the previous year’s questions papers and try to understand the type of questions that came earlier. You will be able to notice how the questions are formulated and prepare accordingly. You won’t be caught by surprise looking at the questions on the day of your exam.

REET Previous Year Papers Download PDF

There is a Pattern in Everything

Try to find a pattern in the REET question paper. In each of the 5 sections, try to find the common topics which came repeatedly in earlier years. These topics will be your must study and practice topics. Try to understand how questions have been formulated each year and how they were molded from time to time.

REET Exam Pattern

Do Your Maths

As mentioned above, the REET Cut-Off Marks 2022 is 60% marks i.e., 90 marks out of a total of 150 marks. That means you have to score 18 marks from each of the 5 sections. In REET Exam 2022, 10 to 15 questions come from subject pedagogy in each section and the rest of the 15-to 20 questions will be based on content. Weigh your strengths and weaknesses to prepare for the REET Exam 2022 accordingly.

REET Cut Off Marks

Go through the Exam Analysis

You should go through the previous year’s exam analysis to see what the experts are saying about the difficulty level and nature of the questions that came previously. Check the topics they came from. Study those topics carefully. Remember, the REET Exam 2022 will be conducted online, thus, it is important for you to check the analysis done by the expert faculties to make sure your understanding of the REET question paper is in alignment with the experts, as you do not have any prior knowledge.

REET Exam Analysis 2021 Paper-I

REET Exam Analysis 2021 Paper-II

There is No Negative Marking

The best part about REET Exam 2022 is that there is no negative marking. Thus, it is essential for you to attempt all of the 150 questions. Do not leave a question because you are not sure about it. Who knows your guesswork might help you earn some extra points. However, do not overdo it. First, attempts all the questions you are sure about, then go through the questions you marked for review and start answering them one by one.

Stay Calm

Staying calm before and during the REET Exam 2022 might be the deciding factor for your success. It is okay to be anxious and nervous before the exam, however, you have to calm your nerves and make sure you composedly start attempting questions. The best way to handle the REET question paper is to attempt the section you are strong in. This will boost your confidence and you will get the strength to attempt the rest of your question paper with equal composure and confidence.

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