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How To Change Your Mindset And Start Thinking Positively?

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More so often than not, we tend to fall for the downward spiral of negative thinking. You miss a bus, your coffee spills over you, your mother is not listening to you, your boss scolded you, you missed an important class and so many other similar situations are enough to make us fall into the pit of negativity.

You might ask, so what? What is wrong with slight negative thinking over a spilt coffee, bad encounter with a stranger or boss not appreciating your hard work. Isn’t it but natural. Yes, you are right. Our brain is hardwired to pick on the negative thoughts more than the positivity flowing around us. However, it is very difficult to realize when your slight negativity turns into a more or less permanent state of your mind. Your pessimism might become a continuous state of your thought process. This is a borderline dangerous situation if modestly put forward.

First, let’s discuss the adverse effects of prolonged negative thinking on our physical and mental well-being. Based on studies, people who often delve into negative thinking have a much higher risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, dementia, sleep disorders, headaches, prolonged fatigue, and other diseases. Isn’t it enough to change your mindset and start thinking positively?

According to a recent study, the benefits of positive thinking includes better quality of life, higher energy levels, lower rates of depression, better stress management, better psychological and physical health and so on.

As we now know that negative thinking needs to be replaced with positive thoughts and it is a constant process of focusing on positivity even in adverse situations. Try to find a silver lining even on the darkest days. If your boss pointed out some flaws in your presentation then focus on the few good things he/she said about your presentation. If you are stuck in a traffic jam then focus on the fact that you are privileged enough to afford a car and you can reach your destination in the comfort of your own car.

The most important trick that works against all negativity is being your own best friend. Will you ever make your best friend feel low, upset, unhappy or worthless? No, you won’t.

Same way, try to talk yourself out of the negative thought process in your lowest moments. Try to positive self-talk and reason with yourself to think positively. Try to be less critical of yourself and replace your self-criticism with self-compassion. And most essentially, smile. A smile can help your walk a mile with a mind undefiled. Even doctors say that laughter is the best medicine. No matter how cliché it might sound to you, laughing more often helps you keep your negative thoughts at bay.

We hope these small tricks will help you to bring some change in your mindset and start thinking positively.

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