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How To Attempt Adda247 Mock Test -Step By Step Process

Adda247 Mock Test: Adda247 is always known for its best study material & Best Selection rate. Studying from adda247 study material helps you study properly with complete coverage of all the topics & syllabus based on the latest pattern. This will help you get acquainted with the pressure of the examination beforehand. Adda247 mock tests are time-bound in nature. You can access this test from your mobile or desktop based on your preference. The candidates are advised to make the best out often this awesome opportunity. Here we are sharing the Step  To Attempt Adda247 Mock Test .

Step to attempt the Adda247 Mock Test

Candidates can easily download the ADDA247 MOCK test 2022 through the official app of ADDA247. You can download the ADDA247 app from Playstore or login adda247com. Candidates have to register for the mock test prior to the mock test date. Following are the steps to follow to attempt the Adda247 MOCK test:



Why is Adda247 Mock Test important?

Practice is an essential part of Preparation. Applicants aspiring to appear in the upcoming Teaching exam 2022 should attempt the Adda247 Mock Test to evaluate their level of preparedness and determine which are the section they need to brush up on before the main Govt. teaching exam 2021.

1. First of candidate visit the Adda247 Official Website i.e

How To Attempt Adda247 Mock Test -Step By Step Process_40.1
2. Then, candidate register yourself via using registered mobile number/Id

How To Attempt Adda247 Mock Test -Step By Step Process_50.1
3. Candidate must select the Exam category for which he/she prepared for it.

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4.Then Go the My Mock Test Section and choose the mock you wish to attempt. There is two section i.e FREE MOCK & MOCK TEST. FREE Mock Test are those mock test which Provided by Adda247 Free of Cost for practice and Mock test category contain all Paid Mock test which is purchased by you.

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5.Clikc on the mock test and Read the instruction Carefully

How To Attempt Adda247 Mock Test -Step By Step Process_80.1

6.After login, the candidate shall be able to see the detailed instructions for the examination. Candidates are advised to read the instructions carefully regarding the type of questions and marking scheme. At the designated time of the start of the examination, the candidates will be able to proceed and see the questions on the computer screen.

7.The Questions Palette displayed on the right side of the screen will show the status of each question using one of the following symbols:

How To Attempt Adda247 Mock Test -Step By Step Process_90.1


8.Procedure for answering a multiple-choice type question:

  • To select your answer, click on the button of one of the options.
  • To deselect your chosen answer, click on the button of the chosen option again or click on
    the Clear Response button
  • To change your chosen answer, click on the button of another option
  • To save your answer, you MUST click on the Save & Next button.
  • To mark the question for review, click on the Mark for Review & Next button.

Get Familiar with the Real Ambience

Candidates require a calm and clear mind to be able to attempt Adda247 Mock test in the stipulated time with accuracy. As the stakes will be high, the candidates should have a clear understanding of how to attempt the question paper with a solid strategy. By attempting this Adda247 Mock Test, candidates will ensure they know how to approach the questions and handle the overall question paper beforehand.

Master Plan for the real challenge

Adda247 Mock tests prepare the candidates for the real test in every way possible. Specially, you will understand how to prepare a master plan to handle the question paper on the day of the examination. As the paper is divided into various sections, you need to chalk out a plan of action based on your strengths and weaknesses on how to approach the paper. The Adda247 Mock test will also help to fine-tune your time management skills for the exam.

Evaluate your Preparedness

It is high time that you put yourself through a test to evaluate your preparedness. When you attempt a mock test, your scores will immediately tell what sections need your attention. You can focus your time and energy in these last days of your preparation regime effectively and efficiently when you know exactly what your focal point should be.

Prioritize your Health

Candidates should prioritize their health by eating healthy on time and maintaining a sound sleep cycle. Don’t compromise on your health to adjust more study sessions. This will adversely affect your health and it might lead to unfavourable conditions on the exam day.

Positive Approach

It is very important to stay positive. With a positive attitude and mindset, you are bound to perform better and fetch better results. Be confident about your preparation and hard work. Your determination and diligence will pay you off well.

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