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Happy Mother’s Day

Let us start with a very common story. When a man returns home from the whole day’s toil from work, the kids ask for anything that the father has brought for them. The wife asks whether the husband has brought the household items that she has messaged him to bring. It is only the mother who comes up with a glass of water to ask how the son’s day at work was. 

Overall, a mother’s love is unconditional and it cannot be measured to any other relationship in the world. The mother has a connection with her baby since the very day she knows about the baby in her womb. No doubt, this is the reason why mothers are said to be someone who is next to god.

When did Mother’s Day start?

As per the history, Anna Jarvis, who was a peace activist and cared for the wounded soldiers from the American Civil War was the reason why Mother’s Day came into being today. She organized her mother’s memorial in 1908 at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in West Virginia’s Grafton. Currently, the shrine for International Mother’s Day stands tall in this church. Not just her own mother, Anna Jarvis started getting support from different parts of the world and she actually wanted to respect all the mothers across the globe. 

It was due to her efforts that the US soon started observing Mother’s Day since the year 1911. It was in the year 1914 when the 28th president of the US, Woodrow Wilson announced the 2nd Sunday of May each year to be observed as Mother’s Day. The same day is observed also in many other countries across the world such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Italy, Belgium, and many others. 

In some other countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated in the month of March in place of May. 

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Why is Mother’s Day celebrated?

In this male-dominated society, often the duties and responsibilities observed by a mother are forgotten. Starting from the unlimited changes in her body when she is pregnant and then the intolerable pain that she undergoes while delivering the baby, everything is something that cannot be compared with anything else. 

A lady gets her new birth along with the birth of the baby. Not only does she get busy nurturing her baby but she also keeps well with her responsibility towards the other members of the family at the same time. The 24/7 thankless job of a mother cannot be measured in terms of currencies and maybe this is the reason there is no salary option for a mother. Also, maybe this one day is devoted to all the mothers of the world. 

How is Mother’s Day celebrated?

In different parts of the world, different events take place to honor motherhood. Eminent personalities come up with speeches and celebrities are seen sharing their special bonding moments with their mothers. Mother’s Day is not just about the mother who gave birth to you. It can be about any individual who took care of you. The day hence honors all those individuals who have taken care of other individuals in some way or the other.

In personal terms, people might take their mothers and other elders to special dinners or specially organized events to make their day special. Also, kids make efforts to make their mothers happy with flowers, and gifts as a token of appreciation and affection. Mostly, it is one very day when mothers are pampered by their kids and other people around them.   

Though a mother is worth getting special treatments and respects each day of her life, the fact is that we often forget her contributions as we grow big and she grows old. This one day surely brings all those childhood memories back when someone who is a big entrepreneur or the owner of a hotel chain or someone else today used to be a cry baby in his or her mother’s arms. At least this is the day when mothers are reminded that they are an important part of the society, without whom, the world will not be able to progress. 

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