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Last Minute strategy for UPTET 2019 English Section.

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This blog will help the candidates or aspirants who are facing problems while preparing for the English section in the UPTET exam. An appropriate strategy for exams during preparatory days plays a vital role in cracking the exam.
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Before preparing for any exam, you must remember one important thing i.e. attempting an exam is not about how much you know, it’s all about how much you know perfectly. UPTET is not a tough exam like that of UPSC or any banking exam but if not practiced with the correct strategy it is not that easy too. 
English section in the UPTET exam contains a total of 60 questions in both the exam with the 30 minutes sectional timing in each paper. The topics covered are comprehensions, language skills, parts of speech, active and passive voice, tenses, pedagogy of language development, singular plural, adjectives, unseen passages, prepositions, synonyms and antonyms, adjectives, and famous poets. The UPTET exam is conducted every year by UPBEB (Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board) for the purpose of hiring qualified teachers for primary and upper primary classes. UPTET is Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test, a written examination which is to be conducted on 22nd December in two shifts. Paper-1 and Paper-2 are for the candidates who are preparing for teaching in primary for classes I to V and VI to VIII respectively. There are numerous candidates who find difficulty when they begin with the English section of the exam.(UPTET ADMIT CARD DOWNLOAD LINK)For the sake of your precious time, we are here to give you some tips and tricks to help you out in preparing UPTET English Section, depicted below: 

For the sake of your precious time, we are here to give you some tips and tricks to help you out in preparing UPTET English Section, depicted below:

1) Plan a strategy according to your weak portion of the English section. Only pen downing the strategy won’t work unless you follow it with continuity. To score higher in English sections is only possible when you practice on a continuous basis without letting away the problems. 

2) Begin your morning with the newspaper and put it into your habit so as to be stronger in topics related to vocabulary, grammar, writing skills, and general awareness. Reading “The Hindu” will help you out in boosting your efficiency in English as well as the general knowledge section as it covers all the important topics to be appearing in government exams. Read monthly magazines and editorial sections of the newspaper carefully for improving your language skills.  

3) A pocket dictionary is a must especially when you are reading the newspaper as there are numerous words that could be new to you. This will help you to understand the content more efficiently and you will be learning new words too. You can also download a dictionary app from google play store for more convenience. 

4) Make sure you have a strong command over the facts, figures, or formulas to score more in the exam. Some comprehensive resource books could be the best option as these are referred by language experts and highly qualified educationists.  

5) Take your exam seriously and focus on not losing the marks in grammar. Strong command over grammar is necessary for an aspirant to complete the English section in the exam with speed and accuracy, as grammar is the fortitude of the English language. For this, you should make a routine for solving at least 100 questions daily.  

6)Sharpen your knowledge over tenses as spot the error questions basically are about wrong tenses used so it can be done by knowing Exact full uptet exam syllabus of English Section.

7) Try to solve as many as unseen passages and comprehensions as you can. This will help you out in attaining tricks for solving passages without wasting much time on lengthy passages. 

8) Practicing more and more mock tests, English quizzes and previous year question papers, so that you may analyze your weak portion and putting more effort on it would surely let you perk good marks in the English section.

9) As the whole paper is divided into sections, so as the English section is. Start practicing as per the pattern of the exam. This will help you to attempt all the questions on time. 

10) Do your preparation as per the pattern of the exams and important topics with heavyweight marks So You must know the uptet exam pattern.

11) Knowing the syllabus and having proper guidance about the examination is the basic step to be included in the planning and strategy for your preparation. 

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Some points you must be particular during the exam are also important to know:

  • Be particular about the division of time to every portion of the English section and try to attempt the easiest portion first. If you stuck to one section for a longer time, the other part will suffer and you may even miss the easiest questions too
  • Also, Don’t Forget to Download UPTET Admit card.
  • Be calm and focused on the exam as hard work and dedication never go waste. 
  • Firstly pick up the section which you are assured and stronger at. 
  • Give 100% in the exam and surely you will grab your ultimate goal with good marks.

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