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General Awareness Quiz For KVS/NVS 2016 Exams

General Awareness Quiz For KVS/NVS 2016 Exams_30.1

1. In a terrestrial ecosystem, the tropic level that would contain the largest biomass would be the
(a) producers
(b) primary consumers
(c) secondary consumers
(d) highest order consumers

2. Which of the following is considered a hot-spot of biodiversity in India?
(a) Aravali hills 
(b) Western Ghats
(c) Indo-gangetic plain 
(d) Eastern Ghats

3. First National park developed in India is
(a) Gir 
(b) Kaziranga
(c) Jim Corbett 
(d) None of these

4. MODVAT refers to
(a) education policy 
(b) house tax
(c) excise duty 
(d) property tax

5. The First-Earth Sumti was held at
(a) Buenos Aires
(b) Rio-de-Janeiro
(c) Dar-es-salam
(d) None of the above

6. Who is the author of the book ‘Naked Triangle’?
(a) RK Narayan 
(b) Khushwant Singh
(c) Balwant Gargi 
(d) Amrita Pritam

7. What is the name of Kalhana’s book?
(a) Arthashatra 
(b) Indica
(c)  Purana
(d) Rajtaranagini 

8. Loreto Girl’s Day School, Sealdah (Paschim Banga was honoured with noma prize, an UNESCO educational award for which of the following?
(a) Community service in rural areas
(b) Innovative child to child teaching in rural areas
(c) Producing best talents in the country 
(d) Propogating National Integration among the people

9. Ist Tuesday of May is observed as 
(a) Global Family Day
(b) World Asthma Day
(c)  World Mother’s Day
(d) International Human Solidarity Day

10. With which game does Davis cup is associated?
(a) Hockey 
(b) Table Tennis
(c)  Lawn Tennis
(d) Polo