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General Awareness Questions For DSSSB,KVS Exam :14th September 2018

General Awareness Questions For DSSSB,KVS Exam :14th September 2018_30.1

General Awareness is the most important and vast section to cover in any examination perspective but to get command over this section is not a tough job. You have to explore more in your surrounding and just more update yourself. Most important thing Friends, you can practice General Awareness questions on a daily basis so that you can make great command over this section.

Q1. Who invented optical fibre? 
(a) Samuel Cohen
(b) Narinder Kapany
(c) Percy L. Spencer
(d) T. H. Maimah

Q2. Who invented Radar? 
(a) J. H. Van Tassel
(b) Wilhelm K. Roentgen
(c) P. T. Farnsworth
(d) A. H. Taylor and Leo C. Young

Q3. Who produced the first automobile?
 (a) Gottleib Daimler
(b) Henry Ford
(c) Rudolf Diesel
(d) Karl Benz

Q4. Who was associated with the creation of Pentium Chip? 
(a) Arun Netravalli
(b) Sabeer Bhatia
(c) C. Kumar Patel
(d) Vinod Dham

Q5. Who invented the video-tape?
 (a) Richard James
(b) Charles Ginsberg
(c) P. T. Farnsworth
(d) Georges de Mestral

Q6. Who invented the laser?
 (a) Sir Frank Whittle
(b) Fred Morrisson
(c) T. H. Maiman
(d) Dr. Charles H. Jones

Q7. Which company invented the transistor radio?
 (a) Sony
(b) Grundig
(c) Panasonic
(d) Telstra

Q8. Who invented the polio vaccine (oral)? 
(a) Jonas Salk
(b) Albert Sabin
(c) Burkholder
(d) Robert Koch

Q9. Who invented the “Voice Mail”? 
(a) Gordon Matthews
(b) Alexander Graham Bell
(c) J. A. Fleming
(d) V. Poulsen

Q10. Who is the father of cellular phone? 
(a) Linus Torvalds
(b) Percy Lebaron Spencer
(c) Fred Morrison
(d) Martin Cooper


S1. Ans.(b)

S2. Ans.(d)

S3. Ans.(d)

S4. Ans.(d)

S5. Ans.(b)

S6. Ans.(c)

S7. Ans.(a)

S8. Ans.(b)

S9. Ans.(a)

S10. Ans.(d)