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General Awareness Questions For DSSSB Exam :3rd July 2018(Solutions)

General Awareness Questions For DSSSB Exam :3rd July 2018(Solutions)_30.1
General Awareness is the most important and vast section to cover in any examination perspective but to get command over this section is not a tough job. You have to explore more in your surrounding and just more update yourself. Most important thing Friends, you can practice General Awareness questions on a daily basis so that you can make great command over this section.
1. From which among the following India gets its maximum rainfall?
(a) North-East Monsoon 
(b) North-West Monsoon
(c) South-West Monsoon 
(d) South-East Monsoon
2. Where is ‘Dakshin Gangotri’ located?
(a) Uttarakhand 
(b) Karakoram 
(c) Himalayas 
(d) Antarctica
3. Which among the following dynasties established the world’s first republic in Vaishali?
(a) Mourya 
(b) Nanda 
(c) Gupta 
(d) Lichhavi
4. Near which of the following continents is the Great Barrier Reef situated?
(a) South America 
(b) Europe 
(c) Australia 
(d) Africa
5. Who among the following foreigners was awarded Bharat Ratna?
(a) Nelson Mandela 
(b) Bill Clinton 
(c) Aung San Suu Kyi
(d) Lula Da Silva
6. With which of the following fields is the Pulitzer Prize associated?
(a) Journalism 
(b) Science 
(c) Sports 
(d) Industry
7. Who among the following attended all the Three Round Table Conferences?
(a) B. R. Ambedkar 
(b) Mahatma Gandhi 
(c) Mohammad Ali Jinnah
(d) Subhash Chandra Bose
8. Who was the first Governor General of free India?
(a) C. Rajagopalachari 
(b) Rajendra Prasad 
(c) Lord Mountbatten
(d) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
9.  According to the B.R Ambedkar, which of the following is known as the heart and the soul of the Constitution?
(a) Fundamental Rights 
(b) Directive Principle of State Policy
(c) The Preamble 
(d) Right to Constitutional Remedies
10. Fundamental rights are given in the article
(a) Article 10-15
(b) Article 12-35
(c) Article 22-36
(d Article 17-19
S1. Ans(c)

S2. Ans (d)

S3. Ans (d)

S4. Ans( c)

S5. Ans( a)

S6. Ans (a)

S7. Ans (a)

S8. Ans (a)

S9. Ans (d)

S10. Ans (b)