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General Awareness Questions For DSSSB Exam :2nd July 2018(solutions)

General Awareness Questions For DSSSB Exam :2nd July 2018(solutions)_30.1
General Awareness is the most important and vast section to cover in any examination perspective but to get command over this section is not a tough job. You have to explore more in your surrounding and just more update yourself. Most important thing Friends, you can practice General Awareness questions on a daily basis so that you can make great command over this section.
Q1. The vacancy of the office of the President must be filled within:
(a) 6 months
(b) 12 months
(c) 1 month
(d) 3 months
Q2. Non Resident Indians (NRI) Day is marked on:
(a) January 9
(b) January 17
(c) January 19
(d) January 7
Q3. Blood is a:
(a) connective tissue
(b) epithelial tissue
(c) muscular tissue
(d) reproductive tissue
Q4. The natural disaster in which carbon-di-oxide suddenly erupts from a deep lake water is known as ______________.
(a) Lacaustrine
(b) Fluvial
(c) Glacial 
(d) Liminic
Q5. Steel is more elastic than rubber because it:…………………
(a) requires larger deforming force
(b) is never deformed
(c) is deformed very hardly
(d) is harder than rubber
Q6. The hormone used as an oral contraceptive is:
(a) Cortisone
(b) Progesterone
(c) Testosterone
(d) Aldesterone
Q7. Transboundary pollution (or) Acid rain is caused by:
(a) Carbon monoxide
(b) Carbon dioxide
(c) Hydrocarbon
(d) Nitrogen oxide and Sulphur dioxide
Q8. Stains of rust on clothes can be removed by:
(a) Oxalic acid
(b) Petrol
(c) Alcohol
(d) H₂O₂
Q9. Which of the following is an endemic species?
(a) Horn bill
(b) Indian Rhino
(c) Pink head duck
(d) pigeon
Q10. Blood group was discovered by:
(a) William Harvey
(b) Landsteiner
(c) Pavlov
(d) Alexander Fleming

S1. Ans.(a)
S2. Ans.(a)

S3. Ans.(a)

S4. Ans.(d)

S5. Ans.(a)
S6. Ans.(b)

S7. Ans.(d) 
S8. Ans.(a)
S9. Ans.(a)
S10. Ans.(b)