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General Awareness Questions For DSSSB Exam

General Awareness Questions For DSSSB Exam_30.1

Q1. FIFA Under-17 World Cup, 2015 was hosted by which one of the following country?
(a) Tokyo
(b) Chile
(c) Hong Kong
(d) Athenes

Q2. Capital and currency of Rwanda is ___________ and ______________, respectively.
(a) Gitarama, Euro
(b) Butare, Rwandan Dollars
(c) Kigali, Rwandan franc
(d) Ruhengeri, African rand

Q3. When was the demonetization first time done in India?
(a) January 1946
(b) April 1948
(c) August 1949
(d) April 1950

Q4. The International Court of Justice sits in
(a) Geneva
(b) London
(c) Vienna
(d) The Hague

Q5. Where is the famous Sachi Stupa located?
(a) Karnataka
(b) Bihar
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Madhya Pradesh

Q6. Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary famous for Cheetal or Axis Deer is located in ______________.
(a) Himanchal Pradesh
(b) Jammu & Kashmir
(c) Karnataka
(d) Maharashtra

Q7. India Government Mint, Noida is the only Mint established in the post-independence era. It was established in year ______________.
(a) 1988
(b) 1964
(c) 1959
(d) 1949

Q8. What is the currency of Croatia?
(a) Dinar
(b) Dollar
(c) Kuna
(d) Croatian Franc

Q9. National Rural Employmnt Guarantee scheme was launched in ______________.
(a) 2004
(b) 2005
(c) 2006
(d) 2007

Q10. Rana Pratap Sagar Dam is built on which one of the following rivers?
(a) Mahanadi River
(b) Chambal River
(c) Krishna River
(d) Ganga River

S1. Ans. (b)
S2. Ans. (c)
S3. Ans. (a)
S4. Ans. (d)
S5. Ans. (d)
S6. Ans. (b)
S7. Ans. (a)
S8. Ans. (c)

S9. Ans. (c)

S10. Ans. (b)