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General Awareness Questions For DSSSB Exam

General Awareness Questions For DSSSB Exam_30.1

Q1. Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, better known as Mary Kom, is an Indian ……… ?
(a) Shooter
(b) Footballer
(c) Boxer
(d) Wrestler
Q2. Who is the author of book “Is New York Burning”?
(a) John Gresham
(b) Lapiere and Collins
(c) Christopher Paolini Knaul
(d) Michael Moor
Q3. Who invented the battery? 
(a) Roentgen
(b) Volta
(c) Faraday
(d) Maxwell
Q4. Earth Summit was held in
(a) USA
(b) UK
(c) Brazil
(d) Australia

Q5. Seismograph is related to 
(a) Rivers
(b) Earthquakes
(c) Volcanoes
(d) Mountains

Q6. The Government of which State has instituted the ‘Tansen Samman’?
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Gujarat
(d) Maharashtra

Q7. Where are the Saltoro Ranges located? 
(a) Ladakh
(b) Along the Vindhyas
(c) Part of the Karakorma Ranges
(d) Part of the Western Ghats

Q8. National Science Day in India is celebrated on 
(a) 30th April
(b) 1st February
(c) 19th June
(d) 28th February

Q9. Who has instituted the “Moortidevi Sahitya Puraskar”?
(a) Ministry of HRD, Central Government
(b) Sahitya Academy
(c) Bharatiya Jnanapeeth Trust
(d) Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Q10. “Standing Guard – A Year in Opposition” is written by?
(a) Jairam Ramesh
(b) Pranab Mukherjee
(c) Narendra Modi
(d) P Chidambaram
S1. Ans.(c)
S2. Ans.(b)
S3. Ans.(b)
S4. Ans.(c)
S5. Ans.(b)
S6. Ans.(b)
S7. Ans.(c)
S8. Ans.(d)
S9. Ans.(c)
S10. Ans.(d)