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General Awareness Mix Quiz for NVS Exam 2016

General Awareness Mix Quiz for NVS Exam 2016_30.1

1. Nyaya Darshan was propagated by-
(a) Gautama 
(b) Kapil
(c) Kanada 
(d) Jaimini

2. ‘Ashtadhyayi’ was written by-
(a) Ved Vyas 
(b) Panini
(c) Shukadeva 
(d) Balmiki

3. The literal meaning of the word Arya is-
(a) Superior 
(b) Learned
(c) Priest 
(d) Warrior

4.The ‘Manu Smriti’ mainly deals with-
(a) Social order 
(b) Laws
(c) Economics 
(d) State-craft

5.Purushmedha i.e. Male sacrifice is referred to in-
(a) Krishna Yajurveda 
(b) Shukla Yajurveda
(c) Shatapatha Brahman 
(d) Panchvisha Brahman

6. Which of the following animals is protect d in Kaziranga Sanctuary of Assam?
(a) Indian bison 
(b) Indian lion
(c) Indian rhinoceros 
(d) Indian elephant

7. Which of the following is not done in a wildlife sanctuary?
(a) Fauna is conserved 
(b) Flora is conserved
(c) Soil and flora is utilized 
(d) Hunting is prohibited

8. First national park developed in India is
(a) Gir 
(b) Kaziranga
(c) Jim Corbett 
(d) None of these

9.Sirajuddaulah was defeated by Lord Clive in the battle of :
(a) Plassey 
(b) Buxar
(c) Munger 
(d) Wandiwash

10. In whose reign, Guru Nanak Deva established Sikhism ?
(a) Firoz Shah Tughlaq 
(b) Sikandar Lodi
(c) Humayun 
(d) Akbar