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EVS Quiz for CTET Exam 2016

EVS Quiz for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1. Environmental factors that shape the development of a child include all of the following except –
A. quality of nutrition
B. physique
C. culture
D. quality of education
2. Select the correct statement about bronze which was used in making big guns found in the fort of Golconda.
A. Bronze is an element
B. Bronze is an alloy of Cu and Zn
C. Bronze is an alloy of Cu and tin
D. Bronze is an alloy of Cu and platinum

3. Select the one which is different from the others –
A. paraffin wax
B. coal
C. grease
D. petrol

4. Select the correct characteristics of petroleum from the following –
A. dense and dark fluid without smell
B. smelly, thick, dark coloured oil
C. smelly, thin, pale liquid
D. pleasant smelling, thin blue coloured liquid

5. Select from the following a group of diseases caused by mosquitoes –
A. dengue, malaria, chikunguniya
B. malaria, chikunguniya, typhoid
C. malaria, cholera, typhoid
D. dengue, malaria, cholera

6. Most rice grows in Kalahandi district. This district is a part of –
A. West Bengal
B. Jammu and Kashmir
C. Orissa
D. Andhra Pradesh
7. Which among the following can find his female from many kilometers away by her smell?
A. ants
B. silkworms
C. mosquitoes
D. honeybees
8. Study each set of terms and identify the odd set –
A. plants, vegetables, buttermilk
B. cow, milk, butter
C. goat, milk, meat
D. hen, meat, egg

9. Select the correct statement about honeybees.
A. In a hive, there are more males than the females
B. Queen bee does not lay eggs
C. the worker bees work all the day
D. the main role in the hive as a worker is performed by the male bees

10. For making Madhubani paintings, the artists use –
A. coloured paste of powdered rice
B. specially made poster colors
C. paints made by dissolving silver and gold
D. fiber paints of very good quality