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English Quiz For CTET 2020 : 18th Feb 2020

English Quiz For CTET 2020 : 18th Feb 2020_30.1

Direction (1-4): Read the passage carefully and mark the correct answer of following questions.

Just as it is vital for parents to live their own lives as fully as possible and to deepen their understanding of themselves to the utmost, so it is important for teachers and educators to do the same. When children go to school their teachers become, during school hours, substitutes for their parents. The children transfer to the teacher some of the feelings they have for their parents and are influenced in their turn by the personalities of the teachers. This mutual relationship is of more importance than any technical method, and a child’s ability to learn is continually hampered if the relationship is unsatisfactory. Again if teachers really want to be educators, to help children to develop into satisfactory men and women, and not simply to stuff them with knowledge, they will only really successful if they themselves have sound personalities. No amount of preaching, however done, no principles however sound, no clever technique of mechanical aids can replace influence of a well-developed personality

Q1. Teachers will be real educators by:
(a) adopting advanced teaching methods
(b)stuffing children with knowledge
(c)developing sound personalities for their own
(d)through good teaching

Q2. The central idea of the passage is that:
(a) teachers should develop sound personalities of their own to be able to influence the children
(b) informal education is better than formal education
(c) there should be more research done in education
(d) parents should have right relationship with teachers of their children

Q3. The writer recommends to the teachers to deepen their understanding of themselves on the assumption that it.
(a) will earn them a name of nation-builders
(b) is their duty
(c) will make them earn more
(d) helps to build a well – developed personality

Q4. The teachers and educators are important to the children because:
(a) without them they would remain ignorant
(b) they help them to get jobs
(c) they serve as substitutes for parents in schools
(d) they preach good principles

Direction (5-10): Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb form.

Q5. I want to while away my time ____________ new places in world.
(a) visit
(b) visiting
(c) visits
(d) visited

Q6. I had left, when my husband ____________ .
(a) arrived
(b) arrive
(c) is arrive
(d) was arrive

Q7. I checked my bag, hoping to ____________ my money but did not.
(a) got
(b) gets
(c) get
(d) getting

Q8. She should ____________ in library now.
(a) be
(b) been
(c) being
(d) must

Q9. My mother owns a new car, yet she ____________ ____________ know how to drive.
(a) do not
(b) does not
(c) will not
(d) did not

Q10. After she came home, she ____________ tea.
(a) make
(b) made
(c) is make
(d) was make


S1. Ans.(c)

S2. Ans.(a)

S3. Ans.(d)

S4. Ans.(c)

S5.Ans. (b)

S6.Ans. (a)

S7.Ans. (c)

S8.Ans. (a)

S9.Ans. (b)

S10.Ans. (b)

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