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English Questions For CTET 2019 Exam: 16th May 2019(Solutions)

English Questions For CTET 2019 Exam: 16th May 2019(Solutions)_30.1

Today, We are providing you the English Questions which help you to evaluate your performance by attempting these questions on regular basis. On daily basis, we will try to provide a variety of study material for English language or English Pedagogy section. These questions will help you a lot to prepare well in Language section in each teaching competitive examination like HTET ExamKVSDSSSBNVS,UPTET etc.

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Directions (1-5): Read each of the following poem carefully and answer the questions that follow.
I am dotted silver threads dropped from heaven
By the gods. Nature then takes me, to adorn
Her fields and valleys.
I am beautiful pearls, plucked from the
Crown of Ishtar by the daughter of Dawn
To embellish the gardens.
When I cry the hills laugh;
When I humble myself the flowers rejoice;
When I bow, all things are elated.
The field and the cloud are lovers
And between them I am a messenger of mercy.
I quench the thirst of one;
I cure the ailment of the other.
The voice of thunder declares my arrival;
The rainbow announces my departure.
I am like earthly life, which begins at
The feet of the mad elements and ends
Under the upraised wings of death.
I emerge from the heard of the sea
Soar with the breeze. When I see a field in
Need, I descend and embrace the flowers and
The trees in a million little ways.

Q1. Who is ‘I’ in the poem? 
(a) The poet
(b) The rain
(c) The nature
(d) The heaven
Q2. The rain calls itself the ‘dotted silver threads’ as 
(a) the shimmering drops fall one after the other
(b) it ties heaven and Earth
(c) it dots the Earth with shimmering water
(d) it decorates the fields

Q3. The tone and mood of the rain in the poem reflect its 
(a) love for the Earth
(b) desire to take revenge
(c) merriment as it destroys
(d) desire to look beautiful

Q4. ‘When I cry, the hills laugh’ here cry refers to 
(a) heavy rain
(b) drizzling
(c) rain like cats and dogs
(d) flood

Q5. The poet wants to convey the idea that 
(a) rain is blissful
(b) everybody hears the sound of rain
(c) it gives freshness and sorrow
(d) it provides us prosperity

Directions (6-7): Replace the bolded phrases with the correct options.
Q6. They came in quiet so as not to wake the others in the room.

(a) As quiet as not
(b) So quiet as not
(c) So quiet that not
(d) Quietly so as not

Q7. The metal roof was dismantled to be broken up and sell as scarp.

(a) For selling with scrap
(b) For sell as scrap
(c) And to sell as scrap
(d) And sold as scrap

Q8. Fill in the blanks with proper answer.
The government is planning to sell PSUs ………………… BHEL, SAIL AND NTPC ………………… first wants a regulatory agency ………………… the IRDA to access their worth.

(a) like/and/like
(b) like/but/such as
(c) such as/so/like
(d) such as/but/like

Directions (9-10): Choose the sentence which is grammatically correct.
(a) I was stuck in traffic jam
(b) I stuck in traffic jam
(c) I was stuck up in traffic jam
(d) I was stuck upon traffic jam

(a) All his family members are educated
(b) His all family members are educated
(c) All the members of his family are educated
(d) His family members are all educated


S1. Ans.(b)


S2. Ans.(a)


S3. Ans.(a)


S4. Ans.(a)


S5. Ans.(a)


S6. Ans.(d)


S7. Ans.(d)


S8. Ans.(d)


S9. Ans.(a)


S10. Ans.(c)


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