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English Questions For all Teaching Exam: 12th February 2019

English Questions For all Teaching Exam: 12th February 2019_30.1
Today, We are providing you the English Questions which help you to evaluate your performance by attempting these questions on regular basis. On daily basis, we will try to provide a variety of study material for English language or English Pedagogy section. These questions will help you a lot to prepare well in Language section in each teaching competitive examination like HTET ExamKVSDSSSBNVS,UPTET etc.
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Directions (1-5) : In the following questions, read the poem carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives. 
The Laburnum Top is silent, quite still 
in the afternoon yellow September sunlight, 
A few leaves yellowing, all its seeds fallen 
Till the goldfinch comes, with a twitching chirrup 
A suddeness, a startlement, at a branch end 
Then, sleek as a lizard, and alert and abrupt, 
She enters the thickness, and a machine starts up 
Of chitterings, and of tremor of wings, and trillings 
The whole tree trembles and thrills 
It is the engine of her family. 
She stokes it full, then flirts out to a branch-end 
Showing her barred face identity mask 
Then with eerie delicate whistle chirrup whisperings. 
She launches away, towards the infinite 
And the laburnum subsides to empty 
Q1. Laburnum is a kind of 
(a) sweetmeat which is served after meal 
(b) the golden chain tree 
(c) a strange bird which is short fly itself 
(d) rays of sunlight
Q2. The poet ‘Ted Hughes’ got the inspiration from ……… to compose the poem. 
(a) the top of laburnum 
(b) the relationship between goldfinch and the poet 
(c) the romantic pre-nature poets William Blake 
(d) None of the above 
Q3. What do you notice about the beginning of the poem? 
(a) Some laburnum were getting yellowish gradually 
(b) Sunlight has added the beauty to laburnum 
(c) The laburnum top is silent and still 
(d) Activity of some goldfinches 
Q4. The line ‘A suddeness, a startlement at a branch end’ contains which figure of speech. 
(a) Alliteration 
(b) Simile 
(c) Personification 
(d) Hyperbole 
Q5. The poet evoked the image of engine, 
(a) it produces a variety of sounds 
(b) it moves faster than other 
(c) it has been compared with bird who provides energy to her family 
(d) it makes the machine work 
Directions (6-10): In the following questions, a part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below ae given alternatives to the bold part at (1), (2), (3) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is (4). 
Q6. To contact doctor attempts were made. 
(a)The doctor were made attempts to contact. 
(b)The doctor were attempts made to contact. 
(c)Attempts were made to contact the doctor. 
(d)No improvement. 
Q7. I feel out of sort today. 
(a)I feel of sort today. 
(b)I fell out of sorts today. 
(c)I feel out of sort this day. 
(d)No improvement 
Q8. An increase in crimes against women have been reported in the newspapers recently. 
(a) are being reported 
(b) has been reported 
(c) has been written 
(d) No improvement 
Q9. Although the goal-keeper was responsible for the defeat in the important football match, nobody blamed him. 
(a)still nobody blamed him 
(b) nevertheless nobody blamed him 
(c) yet nobody blamed him 
(d) No improvement 
Q10. The cattle are fed on barley and grass. 
(a)cattles are fed 
(b)cattles are feeding 
(c)cattle is fed 
(d)No improvement 

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