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English Grammar Quiz For CTET 2020 : 13th Feb 2020

English Grammar Quiz For CTET 2020 : 13th Feb 2020_30.1

English Grammar Quiz For CTET 2020 : 13th Feb 2020

Direction (Q1-10): Out of four alternatives given for idioms/phrases bold in the following sentences, choose one which expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

Q1. A fair weather friend always tries to fish in troubled waters of his friends and benefactors.
(a) To borrow money
(b) To steal belongings of
(c) To get benefits in bad situation
(d) To extend a helping hand

Q2. The chairman pulled a long face when the house did not accept the suggestions put forth by him.
(a) To look disappointed
(b) To get annoyed
(c) To be agitated
(d) To make a quarrel

Q3. Due his bad habit of borrowing money from others, he will be in the mire one day.
(a) To be punished
(b) To be imprisoned
(c) To be insulted
(d) To be in trouble

Q4. He had to go through the motion of starting with this new project as he was least interested to take up it.
(a) To complete quickly.
(b) To do a work without enthusiasm
(c) To do without any interest
(d) To work at a slow speed

Q5. I do not like his habit of mincing matters.
(a) Not to speak plainly
(b) To brag about
(c) To be talkative
(d) To show off

Q6. I think we can safely say now that we have got our money back, we are home and dry.
(a) Have not got wet
(b) Have been successful
(c) Have got no water
(d) Have got home dry

Q7. I would advise you to do that as well and in that way you’ll kill two birds with one stone.
(a) Get things done twice
(b) Get two things done at the same time
(c) Get something done two times
(d) Get two things done twice

Q8. I’d give my right arm if I could get tickets for that concert.
(a) Do absolutely anything
(b) Do something stupid
(c) Do something dangerous
(d) Do what you want

Q9. He accused her of talking through her hat and refused to accept a word of what she said.
(a) Talking sense
(b) Talking straight
(c) Talking nonsense
(d) Talking tough

Q10. The police advised them to go down to the cellar in order to be out of harm’s way.
(a) Away from the noise
(b) Inside the area
(c) Into safety
(d) Away from danger


S1.Ans. (c)

S2.Ans. (a)

S3.Ans. (d)

S4.Ans. (b)

S5.Ans. (a)

S6.Ans. (b)

S7.Ans. (b)

S8.Ans. (a)

S9.Ans. (c)

S10.Ans. (d)

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