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English Quiz for KVS/NVS 2016 Exams

English Quiz for KVS/NVS 2016 Exams_30.1

Directions (1-6): These four parts of a paragraph are not given in their proper order. Read the sentence/passage and find out which of the four combinations is correct.   
(A) However, during that last 13 years of implementation, many impediments were encountered by policy makers, implementing banks and the farmers in the implementation of the scheme.
(B) The Kisan Credit Card has emerged as an innovative credit delivery mechanism to meet the production credit requirements of the farmers in a timely and hassle-free manner.
(C) It was, therefore, felt necessary to revisit the existing KCC Scheme to make it truly simple and hassle free for both the farmers and bankers.
(D) Recommendations of various Committees appointed by GOI and studies conducted by NABARD also corroborate this fact.
(a) BCDA
(b) CDAB
(c) ACDB
(d) DABC

 (A) Understanding these co-benefits has become important in seeking cost effective air pollution reduction strategies.
(B) Another possible option is switching the fuels that are used by power plants. For instance, burning natural gas creates much less SO2 that burning coal.
(C) There are several options for reducing SO2 emissions, including using coal containing less sulfur, washing the coal, and using devices called scrubbers to chemically remove the SO2 from the gasses leaving the smokestack.
(D) Besides these, there are certain other approaches that would also have additional benefits of reducing other pollutants such as mercury and carbon dioxide.
(a) BADC
(b) ABCD
(c) CBDA
(d) DCAB 

(A) The global location of automotive production, including that by Japanese companies, has become increasingly dispersed in recent years. Indeed, even as the collapse in the domestic production levels of the major two Japanese car producers began to ease in May, their overseas production continued to weaken considerably.
(B) In the aftermath of the natural disasters in Japan, it is clear that this has been the case.
(C) The growth and changing location of foreign production thus means that a temporary supply-chain disruption from Japan could now have larger direct spillover effects in other countries than would have previously been the case.
(D) By 2009, less than half of the passenger car production by the largest six Japanese producers was undertaken in Japan. The most notable change over the past decade has been the increasing share of final assembly undertaken in China.
(a) CADB
(b) BCDA
(c) DCAB
(d) ABCD

(A) In one of the findings, it was seen that the world-famous company had a remarkable share in the market of the two wheeler industry of India.
(B) Rest of the two wheeler manufacturer had a share of less than 10 per cent and it was due to the quality of the product and the services provided by them to the customers.
(C) Overall, the company had recorded more than 41 per cent share in the segment during the period.
(D) Third position was grabbed by the company in the segment which had a share of 18.14 per cent.
(a) CDAB
(b) BCDA
(c) DCAB
(d) ADBC

 (A) Hence, the company further strengthened its domination of the domestic Multi Utility Vehicle sub-segment during the year, increasing its market share to 57.2 per cent over the previous year’s market share of 51.3 per cent.
(B) In 2009, the company successfully launched a MUV model in South Africa and also formed a new joint venture with an Australian company to focus on the Australian Market.
(C) This company then focused on expanding its footprint in the overseas market as well.
(D) The company’s domestic Multi Utility Vehicle sales volumes increased by 3.3 per cent, as against a decline of 7.4 per cent for industry Multi Utility Vehicle sales.
(a) BCDA
(b) DACB
(c) ABCD
(d) CDBA

(A) Any trade carried out without the participation of the clearing corporation is called off-market trade, i.e. trades cleared and settled without the intervention of National Securities Clearing Corporation of India Limited (NSCCL)
(B) Transfers can arise out of Off-market Trades or Market Trades. Generally, bulk deals between institutions; trades between private parties, transfer of securities between a client and a sub-broker are off-market trades.
(C) On the other hand, a market trade is one which is settled through the clearing corporation. Even the negotiated trades done with the intervention of the clearing corporation are a part and parcel of market trades.
(D) All the trades done in a regular manner on the exchange are a part of market trade.
(a) ABCD
(b) BADC
(c) DCAB
(d) CDBA 

Directions (Q.7- 10 ) : In the following questions, All of the sentences have errors. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is the answer.

7.It is raining very heavily since last night.
(a) It is raining 
(b) very heavily  
(c) since  
(d) last night
( use’ It has been raining’. the perfect continuous tense is required here.)

8.Does he really believe that he is more intelligent than all the boys in the class.
(a) Does he really believe  
(b) that he is more intelligent  
(c) than all the boys 
(d) in the class 
( use’than all  the other boys’ in place of ‘than all the boys)

9.No one will deny that Sarla is one of the most well-dressed girl in our office.  
(a) No one will deny  
(b) that Sarla is one 
(c) of the most well-dressed girl 
(d) in our office  
( use ‘Girls’. ‘one of’ is followed by a plural object) 
10.The director, along with the staff members were present for the annual day celebrations.
(a) The director, along with  
(b) the staff members 
(c) were present for 
(d) the annual day celebrations  
(‘was present’ in place of ‘were present’. In the case of ‘along with’ verb is used according to first subject. here ‘the director’ is first subject and is singular. hence singular verb will be used)