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Reasoning Quiz

Reasoning Quiz_30.1
Direction(1-10):-Words which cannot be formed from a given Word:In these questions, from the given alternatives select the word which can not be formed using the letters of the given word.

1. International
a. Latter
b. Terminal
c. Oriental
d. Rationale

a. Credit
b. Pride
c. Peace
d. Reprieve

3. Tendentious
a. Tent
b. Student
c. Intention
d. Dentist

4. Juxtaposition
a. Taxi
b. Toxic
c. Spot
d. Post

5. Supervision
a. Revision
b. Person
c. Noise
d. Poison

6. Millstone
a. Mist
b. Some
c. Lemon
d. Million

a. Note
b. Ration
c. Lizard
d. Goat

8. Schoolmaster
a. Small
b. Home
c. Star
d. Slamer

9. Retrospect
a. Post
b. Prospect
c. Rose
d. Tour

10. Qualification
a. Action
b. Factor
c. Quit
d. Filco