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Science (Pedagogy) Quiz For CTET Exam

Science (Pedagogy) Quiz For CTET Exam_30.1

Q1. Which of the following ways you as a science teacher adopt to analyse the achievement test data of your students?  
(a) Subject and topic wise
(b) Learning outcome wise
(c) Response in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
(d) All of the above

Q2. Which of the following are reasons of making mistakes by the students during achievement tests in science?
(a) Carelessness of students
(b) Misunderstanding of concepts 
(c) Maladjustments or some emotional problems
(d) All of the above

Q3. If the pupil identifies planets of solar system which of the following objective identification will be related to
(a) Knowledge
(b) Understanding
(c) Application
(d) Skill

Q4. In order to shift the focus from memory based learning to higher level competencies. What given below mode/modes of assessment will be suitable for students?
(a) Oral testing
(b) Group work
(c) Open-ended questions & open book Examination
(d) All of the above

Q5. “A science teacher must have necessary knowledge for the various problems faced by him/her in the teaching of his/her subject”. What can be most prevalent problems from the given below options?
(a) Lack of facilities, resources, skilled teachers
(b) Overcrowded classes and time bound completion of syllabus
(c) Lack of autonomy given to teacher to experiment innovations
(d) All of the above

Q6. Street electric poles are painted with aluminium paint because of the paint…. The above question will able to measure which domain and its objective?
(a) Affective domain and responding objective
(b) Psychomotor domain and physical abilities
(c) Cognitive domain and application objective
(d) None of the above

Q7. In teaching a topic, “parts of flowers” the method you will use
(a) Lecture method
(b) Scientific method
(c) Discussion method
(d) Demonstration method

Q8. Which of the following criteria is kept in mind while framing objectives in behavioural terms?
(a) The nature of the objectives
(b) Domain of the behaviour
(c) The specific content areas in which behavioural changes are required 
(d) All of the above

Q9. A person having scientific attitude is 
(a) open minded
(b) has the spirit of curiosity
(c) adopts a scientific method in his thinking and working
(d) all of the above

Q10. Which of the following is not the characteristic of a person having a scientific attitude?
(a) Open mindedness
(b) Belief in cause and effect relationship
(c) Spirit of enquiry and curiosity
(d) Does not have desire for the acquisition of correct knowledge and search for truth


S1. Ans.(d)

S2. Ans.(d)

S3. Ans.(b)

S4. Ans.(d)

S5. Ans.(d)

S6. Ans.(c)

S7. Ans.(d)  

S8. Ans.(d)

S9. Ans.(d)
S10. Ans.(d)