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Current Affairs Questions in English for DSSSB Exam: 15th May 2018 (Solutions)

Current Affairs Questions in English for DSSSB Exam: 15th May 2018 (Solutions)_30.1
Q1. US-based retail giant Walmart has confirmed that it will buy 77% stake in India’s largest e-commerce startup Flipkart ______________.
(a) 12.0 billion dollars
(b) 16.0 billion dollars
(c) 18.2 billion dollars
(d) 20.8 billion dollars
Q2. Name that country with which India has recently signed 2 agreements on the exemption of Visas for holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports and in the field of Agriculture.
(a) Panama
(b) Guatemala
(c) Vietnam
(d) Peru
Q3. Union Minister of Electronics and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad launched the website of which of the following Scheme in New Delhi under which 25 interns will be inducted for a period of three months?
(a) Make in India Scheme
(b) Navbharat Scheme
(c) Intern Development Scheme
(d) Digital India Internship Scheme
Q4. The 15th Finance Commission has constituted an advisory council to advise and assist the commission. The six-member council will be headed by ___________.
(a) Arvind Panagariya
(b) Arvind Virmani
(c) Amitabh Kant
(d) rajiv Kumar
Q5. The leaders of which of the following three countries met in Tokyo against the backdrop of historic diplomatic moves by North Korea and a push for the isolated country to give up its nuclear weapons.
(a) Indonesia, Japan and South Korea
(b) China, Japan and Vietnam
(c) Taiwan, Japan and South Korea
(d) China, Japan and South Korea
Q6. The 15th Asia Media Summit (AMS) has begun recently in New Delhi under the theme ‘Telling our Stories – Asia and More’. The AMS 2018, an annual summit of the AIBD, Kuala Lumpur. AIBD stands for?
(a) Asia-Pacific Institution for Business Development
(b) Asia-Pacific Institution for Bureaucratic Development
(c) Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadband Development
(d) Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development
Q7. The 2018 World Robot Conference (WRC) will be held in __________ in August 2018.
(a) Tokyo
(b) Beijing
(c) Hong Kong
(d) New Delhi
Q8. According to the IMF’s Asia and Pacific Regional Economic Outlook report, India will be the fastest-growing major economy in 2018, with a growth rate of 7.4%. Name the country which is the second fastest-growing economy in South Asia, as per the report?
(a) Sri Lanka
(b) Nepal
(c) Bangladesh
(d) Pakistan
Q9. Telecom regulator TRAI issued a draft to amend interconnect regulations, proposing certain changes in terms and conditions for operators to seek fresh call connect ports from other telcos. TRAI stands for?
(a) Telecom Regulations and Auctioneer Board of India
(b) Telecom Regulatory Acquired Board of India
(c) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
(d) None of the given options is true
Q10. Name the holistic coach and consultant from Mumbai who was felicitated at the recently concluded Annual Women Economic Forum (WEF) 2018 Awards?
(a) Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
(b) Nisha Bhalla
(c) Vinita Bali
(d) Mallika Srinivasan
Q11. In an effort to better secure and control Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Google has officially launched _______________.
(a) Google Entity
(b) Android Entity
(c) Google Pole
(d) Android Things
Q12. China has successfully launched a hyperspectral imaging satellite named ____________ for comprehensive observation of the atmosphere, including air pollution which is one of the country’s major problems.
(a) Dong Fang Hong I
(b) Ziyuan 3
(c) TanSat
(d) Gaofen-5
Q13. Who is the present Managing Director of Washington DC-Headquartered International Monetary Fund?
(a) Takehiko Nakao
(b) Christine Lagarde
(c) Audrey Azoulay
(d) Ban Ki Mooon
Q14. Seoul is the Capital of South Korea and its Currency is ________________.
(a) South Korean yen
(b) South Korean krone
(c) South Korean won
(d) South Korean yuan
Q15. China National Space Administration is the national space agency of China responsible for the national space program and for planning and development of space activities. It was founded in _____________.
(a) 1993
(b) 1949
(c) 1958
(d) 1969
Q16. External Affairs Minister (EAM) Sushma Swaraj left on a two-day visit to Myanmar. Name the present President of Myanmar.
(a) Aung San Suu Kyi
(b) Htin Kyaw
(c) Win Myint
(d) Win Tin
Q17. Name the state government that has launched the country’s first Integrated Control and Command Centre (ICCC) for all seven smart cities of the state in a major step towards realising the centre’s Smart City Mission (SCM).
(a) Gujarat
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Karnataka
(d) Maharashtra
Q18. India was ranked ___________ on Global Optimism Index released as part of Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR) in the first quarter of 2018.
(a) 2nd
(b) 4th
(c) 8th
(d) 6th
Q19. Dong is the currency of which of the following country?
(a) Vietnam
(b) Iran
(c) Denmark
(d) Iraq
Q20. Name the country which is on top in the Global Optimism Index released as part of Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR) in the first quarter of 2018.
(a) Finland
(b) Indonesia
(c) Australia
(d) Austria
S1. Ans.(b)
S2. Ans.(a)
S3. Ans.(d)
S4. Ans.(b)
S5. Ans.(d)
S6. Ans.(d)
S7. Ans.(b)
S8. Ans.(c)
S9. Ans.(c)
S10. Ans.(b)
S11. Ans.(d)
S12. Ans.(d)
S13. Ans.(b).
S14. Ans.(c)
S15. Ans.(a)
S16. Ans.(c)
S17. Ans.(b)
S18. Ans.(d)
S19. Ans.(a)
S20. Ans.(d)