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Current Affairs Questions in English for DSSSB Exam :20th March 2018 (Solutions)

Current Affairs Questions in English for DSSSB Exam :20th March 2018 (Solutions)_30.1
Q1. PM Modi inaugurated the 105th Indian Science Congress recently in _______________.
(a) Gujarat
(b) Manipur
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Assam
Q2. India’s exports grew by ____________ in February-2018 to 25.8 billion dollars as compared with  same period in February-2017.
(a) 5.5%
(b) 4.5%
(c) 3.5%
(d) 2.5%
Q3. The three-day annual Krishi Unnati Mela has begun in ______________ with a focus on doubling farmers’ income to create awareness among farmers about the latest agriculture-related technological developments.
(a) Assam
(b) New Delhi
(c) Meghalaya
(d) Maharashtra
Q4. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and his government resigned as a way out of the political crisis triggered by the slayings of an investigative journalist. Who is the President of Slovakia?
(a) Andrej Kiska
(b) Peter Pellegrini
(c) Robert Kalinak
(d) Marian Kotleba
Q5. Name the state of the USA that has become 1st US State to use Nitrogen Gas for executions.
(a) California
(b) Alaska
(c) Alabama
(d) Oklahoma
Q6. Andhra Pradesh stands at equivalent to ____________ rank globally in Multidimensional Poverty Index (2017) according to a recent household survey conducted in the state.
(a) 45th
(b) 48th
(c) 51st
(d) 55th
Q7. Member-countries of the World Health Organisation (WHO) South-East Asia Region, including India, committed to intensifying efforts to eradicate tuberculosis by ______________.
(a) 2030
(b) 2025
(c) 2020
(d) 2035
Q8. According to the Report of which organization, the goods and services tax (GST) is one of the most complex with the second highest tax rate in the world?
(b) IMF
(c) World Bank
(d) ADB
Q9. Actor Jackie Shroff’s short film named _______________ has won an award at Best of India Short Film Festival in Los Angeles, US.
(a) The Guest
(b) Unnoticed Love
(c) 7 Years of War
(d) Shunyata
Q10. President Donald Trump named ______________ as the next head of the White House National Economic Council.
(a) Gary Cohn
(b) Larry Kudlow
(c) Eric Garcetti
(d) Bill de Blasio
S1. Ans.(b)
S2. Ans.(b)
S3. Ans.(b)
S4. Ans.(a)
S5. Ans.(d)
S6. Ans.(c)
S7. Ans.(a)
S8. Ans.(c)
S9. Ans.(d)
S10. Ans.(b)