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Current Affairs Questions in English for APS & KVS Exam:1st November 2018 (Solutions)

Current Affairs Questions in English for APS & KVS Exam:1st November 2018 (Solutions)_30.1
Q1. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has partnered with _______ to train small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs in India.
(a) IBM
(b) Facebook
(c) Google
(d) WhatsApp
Q2. State Bank of India (SBI) and payments solution provider ______ Payment Services India has entered into an agreement to form a joint venture for establishing a card acceptance and digital payment platform.
(a) Google Pay
(b) IBM
(c) Hitachi
(d) Oppo
Q3. The world’s largest airport terminal “under one roof” with a capacity to serve 90 million passengers has been opened in ______.
(a) Istanbul
(b) Asthana
(c) Tashkent
(d) Sochi
Q4. Padma Shri Qazi Abdussattar recently passed away in Delhi. He was a _______.
(a) Social activist
(b) Urdu writer
(c) Painter
(d) Indian classical musician
Q5. India Mobile Congress is one of the biggest marquee Mobile, Internet, and Technology event. It was recently held in ________.
(a) Hyderabad
(b) Bangalore
(c) Mumbai
(d) New Delhi
Q6. America’s IBM has acquired software company _______ in a $34 billion cash and debt deal, marking its biggest ever acquisition till date.
(a) Snapchat
(b) Alphabet Inc
(c) Red Hat
(d) Flipkart
Q7. Prime Minister of Italy,_______ has  arrived in New Delhi on a day-long official visit to India.
(a) Gjorge Ivanov
(b) Michel Aoun
(c) Barham Salih
(d) Giuseppe Conte
Q8. Mr. Nitin Gadkari recently laid the foundation for India’s largest Dry Dock in ______.
(a) Kerala
(b) Mumbai
(c) Chennai
(d) Vizag
Q9. Germany’s Chancellor has announced that she will step down from the post in 2021. Who is the Chancellor of Germany?
(a) Corazon Aquino
(b) Vigdís Finnbogadóttir
(c) Gro Harlem
(d) Angela Merkel
Q10. The 5th National Summit on Good and Replicable Practices and Innovations in Public Health Care Systems in India has held at _____.
(a) Shillong
(b) Haridwar
(c) Kaziranga
(d) Panchkula
S1. Ans.(d)
S2. Ans.(c)
S3. Ans.(a)
S4. Ans.(b)
S5. Ans.(d)
S6. Ans.(c)
S7. Ans.(d)
S8. Ans.(a)
S9. Ans.(d)
S10. Ans.(c)