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Current Affairs Questions in English for DSSSB & KVS Exam: 18th October 2018 (Solutions)

Current Affairs Questions in English for DSSSB & KVS Exam: 18th October 2018 (Solutions)_30.1
Q1. World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on __________.
(a) 13 October
(b) 26 November
(c) 24 October
(d) 16 October
Q2. The theme for World Food Day (WFD) 2018 is ____________.
(a) Climate change: Climate is changing, Food and agriculture must too
(b) Family Farming: “Feeding the world, caring for the earth
(c) World food security: the challenges of climate change and bioenergy
(d) Our Actions Are Our Future
Q3. The 6th edition of India International Silk Fair (IISF) was inaugurated recently by Union Minister of Textiles, Smriti Zubin Irani in ________.
(a) Varanasi
(b) New Delhi
(c) Mumbai
(d) Jammu
Q4. Paul Allen, recently passed away. He was the co-founder of _________.
(a) Microsoft
(b) Time Magazine
(c) Forbes Magazine
(d) Fortune Magazine
Q5. India recorded its best-ever medal haul at the Asian Para Games by winning ____ total medals.
(a) 69
(b) 92
(c) 101
(d) 72
Q6. Recently Prof. G.D. Agarwal died. He was a well-known _________.
(a) RTI Activist
(b) Environmentalist
(c) Physicist
(d) Economist
Q7. The government has announced ________rupee award for states that would complete the household electrification early under the Saubhagaya scheme.
(a) 200 crore
(b) 50 crore
(c) 150 crore
(d) 100 crore
Q8. IRCTC has launched a new AI-based assistant for its website. What is the name of that assistant?
(a) R-Siri
(b) Purva
(c) Disha
(d) Anugrah
Q9. Who was recently awarded the 8th Social Entrepreneur of the Year award, 2018?
(a) Prema Gopalan
(b) Azim Premji
(c) Narayan Singh
(d) Ritesh Agarwal
Q10. Who has been appointed to the post of Chairperson, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)?
(a) Bharat Vatwani
(b) Amol Gupte
(c) Kailash Satyarhi
(d) Priyank Kanoongo
Q11. Who has been elected as Chairman of trade body, Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI)?
(a) Aditya Puri
(b) N S Kanan
(c) Ajay Tyagi
(d) Nimesh Shah
Q12. Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu released a biography titled ‘Building a Legacy’ of late ___________.
(a) Anumolu Ramakrishna
(b) Ramakrishna Ramamurthi
(c) Shri Rama Anumolu
(d) K Venugopal Ayyar
Q13. Museum on Prime Ministers of India is being built at ________.
(a) Teen Murti Estate, Allahabad
(b) Teen Murti Estate, New Delhi
(c) Shakti Sthala, Delhi
(d) Gyan Bhawan, New Delhi
Q14. The government has increased the rate of interest for General Provident Fund (GPF) and other related schemes by 0.4% points to _____ for the October-December quarter.
(a) 7.5%
(b) 8%
(c) 8.4%
(d) 8.8%
Q15. Suraj Panwar won the silver medal at the Youth Olympic Games 2018 in the ________ event.
(a) Half Marathon
(b) Sprint
(c) Javelin Throw
(d) Race walk

S1. Ans.(d)
S2. Ans.(d)
S3. Ans.(b)
S4. Ans.(a)
S5. Ans.(d)
S6. Ans.(b)
S7. Ans.(d)
S8. Ans.(c)
S9. Ans.(a)
S10. Ans.(d)
S11. Ans.(d)
S12. Ans.(a)
S13. Ans.(b)
S14. Ans.(b)
S15. Ans.(d)