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CTET/ UPTET 2019 Exam – Social Science Questions | 17th September 2019

CTET/ UPTET 2019 Exam – Social Science Questions | 17th September 2019_30.1

Dear Readers, Everything that studies our society and the way we interact with each other in it, is a social science.This section NOT ONLY comes CTET Exam but also come in other TET Exam also i.e UPTET Exam  & DSSSB Exam etc. So, we will provide you the questions which will help you in preparing for Exam.
Q1. Why do we find mushroom rocks in deserts?
(a) Winds erode the rocks from all sides
(b) There is no water in the desert to prevent rock erosion
(c) Winds erode the upper portion of the rock more than the lower portion
(d) Winds erode the lower portion of the rock more than the upper portion
Q2. Which kind of forces cause sudden movement of the lithosphere like an earthquake?
(a) Endogenic forces
(b) Exogenic forces
(c) Gravitational forces
(d) Orbital forces
Q3. Due to depletion of ozone layer, there is an increase on ultraviolet radiation. Which of the following is not one of the health risks associated with this?
(a) Damage to eyes
(b) Increased skin cancer
(c) Increased liver cancer
(d) Reduced immune system
Q4. Why are ‘biodiversity hotspots’ targeted for conservation more than other areas?
(a) To protect the areas where species are threatened will not allow new species to develop 
(b) The number of threatened species in these hotshots in much more than what we can protect and so we should protect as many as possible 
(c) These hotspots are the only areas where species are seriously threatened 
(d) Economic development of the hotspot area will not be affected as only tribals live there
Q5. How much of the global land surface is used for agriculture and grazing by the world’s population?
(a) About 30%
(b) About 11%
(c) About 50%
(d) About 6%
Q6. Which is the world’s longest mountain range?
(a) The Himalayas
(b) The Rocky
(c) The Andes
(d) The Alps
Q7. The oldest rocks in the world are found in
(a) South India
(b) Hawaii Islands
(c) Western Australia
(d) South Africa
Q8. Which of the following is an example of desert?
(a) Ladakh
(b) Sundarban
(c) Konkan
(d) Western Ghats
Q9. Which one of the following may cause tremendous destruction only on the coastal areas?
(a) Tsunami
(b) Earthquake
(c) Volcano
(d) Tides
Q10. During an earthquake at what measurement on the Richter scale do things begin to fall?
(a) 6.0 or higher
(b) Over 5.0
(c) Over 7.0
(d) 2.0
S1. Ans.(d)
S2. Ans.(a)
S3. Ans.(c)
S4. Ans.(b)
S5. Ans.(a)
S6. Ans.(c)
S7. Ans.(c)
S8. Ans.(a)
S9. Ans.(a)
S10. Ans.(b)

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