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CTET 2020 : Practice Important English Questions

CTET 2020 : Practice Important English Questions_30.1

Today, We are providing you the English Questions which help you to evaluate your performance by attempting these questions on regular basis. On daily basis, we will try to provide a variety of study material for English language or English Pedagogy section. These questions will help you a lot to prepare well in Language section in each teaching competitive examination like CTETHTET ExamKVSDSSSBUPTET etc.

Today we are providing English questions based on the topic English Pedagogy, to improve your subject pedagogical section.

Q1. New form of monitoring and evaluation of educational achievements of students:

(a) External evaluation of academic achievements

(b) Administrative control works

(c) Attestation, differential test

(d) Degree work

Q2. The object of the teacher`s activity and subject of study of pedagogy-

(a) Integrated pedagogical process

(b) Development and formation of personality

(c) Conversation

(d) Civilization

Q3. What should the teacher do with the class of which most of the students are poor in vocabulary?

(a) Ask the students to make a group of conversation

(b) Ask the students to read graded reading materials

(c) Ask the students to discuss their difficulty

(d) Ask the students to share their experiences in learning English

Q4. Most of the students fail to submit their work on time. They complain that the task assigned to them is too difficult to accomplish. What do you think the teacher should do?

(a) Give penalty to the lazy students

(b) Compensates the students with an easier assignment

(c) Helps the students to solve the problem

(d) Review the material for better understanding

Q5. A learner makes very few grammatical mistakes in writing expository composition. What is her/his level of proficiency?

(a) Beginner

(b) Intermediate

(c) Post intermediate

(d) Advanced

Q6. Consider that an indicator which is derived from the basic competencies reads: “students retell the narrative using own words”. What is the best assessment instrument to achieve the indicator?

(a) Multiple choice tests

(b) Essay-test

(c) True-False test

(d) Cloze- Procedure test

Q7. Which of the followings is true dealing with the authentic assessment?

(a) Authentic assessment complements the traditional assessments

(b) Authentic assessment is only applied when the students are ready

(c) Authentic assessment replaces the traditional assessment

(d) Authentic assessment is the worst assessment to be applied

Q8. Structure or grammar is not given separately in English class because the English subject emphasizes the communicative competence. What should the teacher do to help students who have difficulties in grammar?

(a) Exercises in grammar are given for homework

(b) Grammar is explained intensively in the classroom

(c) Grammatical feature is explained only when students ask the teacher to

(d) Grammar is not necessary in competency-based curriculum

Q9. Mini drama performance belongs to authentic assessment because….

(a) It can be scored subjectively

(b) It requires integrated language skills to demonstrate

(c) It is not multiple choices

(d) It needs a scoring rubric

Q10. One of the principles in implementing the 2013 Curriculum is “ Do not tell the students, but let the students find by themselves”. This principle implies that…

(a) Learning must be student-centered

(b) Teacher is a facilitator

(c) The students are potential to study by themselves

(d) There must be more students talking time, than teacher talking time


S1.Ans. (a)

S2.Ans. (a)

S3.Ans. (b)

S4.Ans. (d)

S5.Ans. (c)

S6.Ans. (b)

S7.Ans. (a)

S8.Ans. (b)

S9.Ans. (b)

S10.Ans. (a)

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