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Child Pedagogy For UPTET Exam : 27th July 2019

Child Pedagogy For UPTET Exam : 27th July 2019_30.1
“Teaching Aptitude/ Child Pedagogy” is one of the common in any teaching examination. This section plays a very important part in any teaching examination. This part contains approx. 30-40 questions depend upon the examination pattern that we can easily score only if we practice it on regular basis. These questions are not only for CTET/NVS but also for KVSDSSSB, UPTET & STET also.So, we will provide you the questions which will help you in preparing for Exam.
Q1. Which of the following statements regarding personality traits is correct? 
(a) Traits of personality cannot be developed in isolation without taking the help of environment 
(b) Subjective traits of the individual are determined by genetic factors 
(c) Bad environment can surpass good inheritance but good environment is not a substitute for poor heredity 
(d) All of these 
Q2. Which of the following characteristics denote infancy period? 
(a) Physical growth is curvilinear 
(b) Physical growth is rapid 
(c) Head grows at relatively slower rate as compared to other parts of the body 
(d) All of these 
Q3. Which of the following is not the characteristic of infancy period? 
(a) From bilateral to unilateral trend in motor organs 
(b) From general to specific trend in motor organs 
(c) Emotional/social development is not associated with motor development 
(d) Trend from large to small muscles
Q4. Which of the following illustrates conceptual development? 
(a) Perception is the beginning of concept formation 
(b) Concept changes with changes in experiences 
(c) Concept changes with age 
(d) All of these
Q5. There is one thing common in language and physical development what is that? 
(a) Spurts of development at different ages 
(b) Dependence on experience 
(c) Dependence on training 
(d) None of these 
Q6. Which of the following characteristics is not associated with emotional development? 
(a) Emotion is accompanied by physiological changes 
(b) Emotions start immediately after birth 
(c) Intense form of emotions are seen during early childhood period 
(d) Emotions are related to physical development 
Q7. Which is incorrect about creativity ? 
(a) Creativity and intelligence always go hand in hand 
(b) Creativity is flexible 
(c) Creativity is universal concept 
(d) Creativity carries ego involvement 
Q8. Social development of an infant depends on 
(a) his chance of interaction with others 
(b) love and affection shown to the child 
(c) the extent to which he is able to attract the attention of others 
(d) all of the above 
Q9. In which of the following stages the child looks ego centric ? 
(a) Adulthood 
(b) Early childhood 
(c) Adolescence 
(d) None of the above
Q10. In the period of infancy, emotions are 
(a) intense, frequent and unstable 
(b) like an open book (overt) 
(c) need based 
(d) all of these 
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