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Attend “FREE Webinar”: Post Lockdown Getting Job is Easy or Difficult?

Attend "FREE Webinar": Post Lockdown Getting Job is Easy or Difficult?_30.1

The lockdown due to COVID-19 has brought everything to a standstill. Every recruitment process is on halt and all online exams have been rescheduled. Other organisations have also rescheduled their exam process and the new dates are still awaited. During this time there is one burning question in every student’s mind, what will happen once the lockdown is lifted? What career opportunities will you get? Will it be easy to get a Job post lockdown or the fight is going to be like never before?

To help all students understand the post lockdown situation and get answers to all these crucial questions about their career prospect, Adda247 is conducting a free online seminar for all on 23 April at 7 PM. You can register for the webinar from the link given below:

Click Here to Register for the Webinar on Post Lockdown, getting Job is easy or Difficult, Know from The Experts

Date: 23rd April 2020, Time: 7PM

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Attend "FREE Webinar": Post Lockdown Getting Job is Easy or Difficult?_40.1

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