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Aims and Objectives of Teaching Social Studies – Download Social Science Pedagogy Study Notes Free PDF

Aims and Objectives of Teaching Social Studies (CTET/TETs)_30.1
Social Science Notes For CTET

Social Studies is an important section for CTET, MPTET, State TET, and other teaching exams as well. Social studies is the main subject in the CTET exam Paper II. In CTET Exam, the Social Studies section comprises a total 60 questions of 60 marks, in which 40 questions come from the content section i.e.History, Geography and Political Science and the rest 20 questions from Social Studies Pedagogy section. At least 10-15 questions are asked from the Social Studies Pedagogy section in the CTET Social studies section. Here we are providing important facts related to the Aims and Objectives of Teaching Social Studies.

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Aims and Objectives of Teaching Social Studies

G.S. Browne: “Social Studies (Social Sciences) should be the most valuable subject in the school curriculum. Its objectives are to foster in the pupils an active interest in everything affecting the community in which they live, to train them in clear thinking on public questions and to equip them for sound judgement in the future by a full study of their environment.”

The Education Commission, 1966: The aims of teaching Social Studies (Social Sciences) is to help the students to acquire a knowledge of their environment, an understanding of human relationships and certain attitudes and values which are vital for intelligent participation in the affairs of the community, the state, the nation and the world. An effective program of Social Studies/Social Sciences is essential in India for the development of good citizenship and emotional integration.

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Aims and Objectives of Teaching of Science

There should certainly lie some solid grounds or base for laying out some definite aims or purposes of the teaching of Social Sciences. The search for such grounds and base may easily drift us towards various values or advantages drawn through the study of Social Sciences. It is for the simple reason that both aims and values are regarded as interdependent and complementary to each other.

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  • Development of good citizenship: The study of the subject Social Sciences should essentially contribute in helping the youngsters for growing and developing into effective and efficient citizens of their country. They must be properly told about their rights and privileges as well as the duties and responsibilities as citizens of a democratic country. They must be made conscious of the needs and problems of their society as well as the country. Adequate care should be taken for the development of the desired knowledge, understanding, skills, interests and attitudes among children for enabling them to help in the developmental plans and projects of the country.
  • Development of social character: The study of Social Sciences should help in the proper development of sociability and social character among the growing children. All that which is needed by a child in his proper social development and turning him into a useful member of the society should be properly provided through teaching and learning of Social Sciences.
  • Intellectual and mental development : Study of Social Sciences should be made to contribute in the proper intellectual and mental development of the children. The curriculum as well as methods of teaching Social Sciences should be set properly for the development of their various mental faculties like thinking, reasoning, imagination, observation, memory, and decision making.
  • Development of right type of behaviour and conduct : Good conduct and morality are the prime needs of the time. We certainly aspire from our children to grow as a man of character and principles. The subject matter and the learning experiences related to Social Sciences possess enough potential in helping the growing children to acquire right type of behaviour and conduct and accordingly the teaching of Social Sciences should invariably aim for training the students in the right type of behaviour and conduct.
  • Developing ability to adjust with one’s environment : Adjustment with one’s physical and social environment is quite essential for personal or social welfare and progress. Social Sciences, as we know, is defined as the study of men and society and their interactions and as such its study has enough potential for helping students in seeking adjustment to their environment. It is, therefore, quite imperative that the development of the ability to adjust with one’s environment should be set as one of the aims of teaching Social Sciences in our schools.
  • Development of the feelings of cooperation and interdependence: Mutual cooperation, love, trust and interdependence are the basic pillars of our social life. A society or nation can move on the path of progress well with the strength of mutual trust and cooperation of its citizens, but on the other hand its future may be doomed in case there remains feelings of mutual distrust and dissention among them
  • Development of healthy habits and right attitudes: The teaching of Social Sciences in our schools also aims for the development of desirable habits, interests and attitudes among the children. As a result, it may prove quite helpful in the task of inculcating useful habits and traits like self – study, self – support, self – control, self – respect, sympathy, patience, tolerance, honesty, truthfulness, industriousness, respect for the individuality of others, etc.

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Aims and Objective of Teaching of Social Science: Facts

Knowledge and understanding objectives:

  • The essential terms, definitions, concepts, themes, and generalizations useful for the proper study of the subject Social Sciences.
  • The things and phenomena related to the physical and social environment.
  • The various social problems existing in the environment.
  • The use of available resources to meet the basic human needs related to food, clothing and shelter.

Skill objectives:

  • Skill of reading, interpreting, using, and making of different types of graphic materials like maps, graphs, tables, charts, pictures, diagrams, time lines, posters, cartoons, etc.
  • The skill of making use of various data sources like textbooks, library material, current periodicals, newspapers and magazines, museums, places of visits and excursions and other community resources, audiovisual aids and equipment, internet and world wide web, etc. for useful information, study and data collection.

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Application objectives :

  •  The teaching and learning of sciences is helpful to the students in making them capable of applying and utilizing all such knowledge and understanding gained (as pointed out in the knowledge and understanding objectives) and skills acquired (as pointed out in the skill objectives) through the study of one or the other topics or learning experiences related to a Social Sciences course.

Attitudes Objectives:

  • Positive and favourable attitude towards the existence and functioning of social organizations and institutions.
  • The attitude of cooperation, sympathy, tolerance, love and trust towards the people belonging to other castes, cultures, religions, language groups, regions, states, and nations.
  • Positive attitude and firm belief in the goodness of the democratic system of the government.

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Aims and Objectives of Teaching Social Studies (CTET/TETs)_40.1

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