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5 Important Topic Of CDP For CTET 2021 Exam


CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility TEST) is one of the popular exams conducted by CBSE for teaching aspirants in all over India who want to get teaching govt. jobs. The CTET exam comprises of two papers which contains Child pedagogy ad Development s comment subject for all candidates in CTET exam. The CTET Exam is scheduled on 16th December 2021 tp 13th January 2022 . So, you guyz having complete two months to crack this exam. So today we are sharing the some topic of the child pedagogy section, which is important from the exam point of view.

Complete Study Material Of Child Pedagogy For CTET Exam

5 Important Topics of Child Development and Pedagogy (CDP)

As CTET is a priority level teaching exam, Child Development and Pedagogy is an important and key subject topic for CTET Examination as it carries a weightage of 30 marks in each paper. This subject helps teachers to understand the educational psychology of child which required for teaching and learning in the classroom. Child Pedagogy also provides a pedagogical perspective to guide a teacher in developing effective evaluation, assessment strategies, and learning experiences for their teaching.

How to Improve Your Score in Child Pedagogy in CTET Exam

Child Pedagogy Section is not a cup of tea for every student. Some understand better and some lack in this section. To make easy and understandable for everybody, here we are going to discuss 5 important topics to get better score in Child Development and Pedagogy section.

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1. Growth and Development:

Growth and development is the most important topic for preparing CTET exam. In this section, the candidate can learn Piaget Cognitive Development Theory, Child’s- physical, social, psychological development, the principle of development. This topic carries 3-4 questions every year in CTET Exam. 

Learn Growth and Development Notes

2.Learning and Motivation

Learning and Motivation topics are inter related to each other. Candidate can have look in Learning theories- Classic & Operant Conditioning, laws of learning, Motivation theories, types of motivation, Reinforcement, Punishment in this topic. Majorly questions are asked from this section. These topics carry 5-7 questions in CTET Exam.

Learn Learning and Motivation Notes

3. Learning Theories

In the Child Pedagogy section, all theories are important. These theories are related with behaviorism, humanism, constructivism etc. Here are some theories : Kohlberg Moral Development theory, Erik Psychological theory, bronfenbrenner ecological theory, Vygotsky Socio-culturual theory, Bandura Theory, Piaget cognitive and moral theory. These theories contain 5-7 question in CTET Examination.

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4. Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education is very vast content topic. Here we can learn with Norms, policies related with disadvantage child, diverse background, creative and gifted child, mentally retarded child, IQ. This topic contains 4-6 question in CTET Examination.

Learn Inclusive Education Notes

5. Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation and assessment come in child pedagogy section and other subject pedagogy section as well. This is most important topic in CDP Section. It contains CCE, Formative assessment, summative assessment, Teaching learning materials. This topic carries 3-5 question in CTET exam.

Learn Evaluation and assessment Notes

Highlights of Child Pedagogy Section:

CTET Previous Year Papers

  • Compulsory Section for all candidates.
  • Total Questions – 30 questions (in each paper)
  • Total Marks – 30 marks (in each paper)
  • Negative Marking – No
  • Language- Bilingual
  • Question Pattern – Objective Type Questions
  • Difficulty level for CTET Paper 1 : Upto 8th Class 
  • Difficulty level for CTET Paper 2 : Upto 10th Class
  • Content of Paper I & II : Child Development  , Concept of Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs & Learning and Pedagogy.
  • Examination pattern of Child Development and Pedagogy : based on primary level for Paper I and upper primary level for Paper II.
  • Content Weightage: Child Development -15 marks, Concept of Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs -5 marks & Learning and Pedagogy-10 marks.

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