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Science Quiz (LIGHT) for Paper II; CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz (LIGHT) for Paper II; CTET Exam 2016_30.1
1. Speed of Light is ______ in rarer medium and ________ in denser medium-
A. less; more
B. more; less
C. more; same
D. less; same

2. Image persists on retina-
A. 1/16 sec
B. 1/25 sec
C. 1/50 sec
D. 1/10 sec
3. The Laws of Reflection are true for-
A. the plane mirror only
B. the concave mirror only
C. the convex mirror only
D. all reflecting surfaces

4. Astigmatism for a human eye can be removed by using-
A. prismatic lens
B. concave lens
C. cylindrical lens
D. convex lens

5. Short-sightedness is an another name of-
A. Hypermetropia
B. Myopia
C. Presbyopia
D. Astigmatism

6. You are provided with a concave lens, concave mirror, convex lens and convex mirror. To obtain an enlarged image of an object, you can use either-
A. concave lens or convex lens
B. concave mirror or concave lens 
C. concave mirror or convex mirror
D. concave mirror or convex lens

7. The image of a distant coloured object formed in a pinhole camera is always-
A. real, inverted, coloured and diminished
B. real, inverted, black and white and diminished
C. virtual, erect, coloured and magnified
D. virtual, erect, coloured and diminished

8.A person wants to read a news-paper. Which type of lens he/she used-
A. Concave lens
B. Bifocal lens
C. Convex lens
D. None of these

9. The cell which is used for night vision-
A. Bipolar cell
B. Rod cell
C. Horizontal cell
D. Cone cell

10. Myopia can be cured by using lens-
A. convex lens
B. bifocal lens
C. concave lens
D. none of these