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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for Exam 2016-17

Teaching Aptitude Quiz for Exam 2016-17_30.1

1.If majority of students in your class are weak you should
A.not care about the intelligent students 
B.keep your speed of teaching fast so that students comprehension level may increase
C.keep your teaching slow
D.keep your teaching slow along with some extra guidance to bright pupils

2.The field of education is permeated by conflicts and misconception because
A.problems in education call for subjectivity of interpretation
B.problems encountered in teaching are not amenable to rigorous scientific investigation
C.there are not good teaching methods and procedures
D.teachers are not worthy of doing rigorous scientific investigation

3.The main role of education according to Plato was develop the power of contemplation, develop the personality of each individual strengthen the ‘state
D.All of the above

4. What should a teacher do when examinations are near?
A. Complete the syllabus by calling students at his home
B. Complete the syllabus by devoting extra time in school
C. Ask the students to complete the syllabus themselves
D. Help them solving with important questions

5. What will be your reaction when an otherwise punctual student comes late in your class?
A. You will ignore it
B. You will try to know the reason for coming late
C. You will scold him before other students in the class
D. Ask him to leave the class

6. If a person talks bad about your parents before you, what will you do?
A. Tell him to shut up
B. Listen him carefully
C. Break relationship with him
D. Join him in this act

7. You worship God because—
A. Your friends tell you to do so
B. It gives you inner strength
C. You have religious atmosphere at home
D. You fear God
8. Navodya Vidyalayas were opened to provide—
A. Quality education to all
B. Education to those who can afford
C. Quality education to the meritorious
D. All of the above

9. Immediate outcome of teaching is—
A. Changes in the behavior of students in desirable direction
B. Development of total personality of students
C. Building characters of the students
D. Getting selected for a suitable job

10.A teacher meeting his students for the first time should
A.start teaching without caring the students’ likes and dislikes
B.develop rapport with the class
C.give a broad outline of the whole subject 
D.(b) and (c) both