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Social Science Quiz (Pedagogy)

Social Science Quiz (Pedagogy)_30.1

1.A teacher provides some criteria to students and ask them to assess their projects on those bases. Which one of the following assessment measures has been adopted by the teacher?
B. Summative assessment
C.Formative assessment
D.Peer assessment

2.Which one of the following projects on ‘ global warming’ is based on secondary sources?
A. graphical representation of unanalyzed weather data collected from meteorological office
B.A discussion based on the weather changes mentioned in a book
C.A collage of pictures on global warming
D.Interview with elders living in an area on changes in weather

3.What is the nomenclature change suggested by the National Curriculum Framework (NCF),2005 for civics?
A.Social and political life

4.Suppose a teacher has to teach the chapter, ‘The Cold Desert- Ladakh in class VII. Which one of the following methods would be most appropriate?
A.Case study method
B.Regional method
C.Workshop method
D.Survey method

5.Which one of the following methods is most relevant for the teaching of historical fact/ historiography at the upper primary level?
A.Problem solving method
B.Source method
C.Map method
D.Project method

6.Which value will you emphasize the least in the upper primary Social Science classroom from among the following?
A.Scientific approach

7.On which of the following choices is the data best represented by a bar diagram?
C.Air pressure

8.Select the most appropriate reason for assessing students through art in Social science subject
A.It makes it an enjoyable way of evaluation
B.It provides an opportunity for personal interpretation of concept
C.It is a means to enjoy different styles of expression depicted in the textbook
D.It improves students ‘artistic ability

9.You have to depict the proportion of time a rural worker spends as employed, unemployed and underemployed in a year. which one of the following diagrammatic representations would you select?
A.Time – line diagram
B.Flow diagram
C.Bar diagram
D.Pie diagram

10.Why would you use narratives in Social Science teaching? Choose the most appropriate reason from the given option.
A.To entertain and enliven a class
B.To link concepts to live realities
C.To ensure that syllabus is completed
D.To sensitize students so that they can find appropriate role models