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Science Quiz (Biology) for CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz (Biology) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1. Fats are stored in human body as-
A. cuboidal epithelium
B. adipose tissue
C. bones
D. cartilage

2. Bone matrix is rich in-
A. fluoride and calcim
B. calcium and phosphorus
C. calcium and potassium
D. phosphorus and potassium

3. If the tip of sugarcane plant is removed from the field, even then it keeps on growing in length. It is due to the presence of-
A. cambium
B. apical meristem
C. lateral meristem
D. intercalary meristem

4. The water conducting tissue generally present in gymnosperm is-
A. vessels
B. sieve tube
C. tracheids
D. xylem fibres

5. Organelle without a cell membrane is –
A. ribosome
B. golgi apparatus
C. chloroplast
D. nucleus

6. Cartilage is not found in-
A. nose 
B. ear
C. kidney
D. larynx

7. Which of these is not related to endoplasmic reticulum?
A. it can be the site of energy generation
B. it behaves as transport channel for proteins between nucleus and cytoplasm
C. it transports material between various regions in cytoplasm
D. it can be the site for some biochemical activities of the cell

8. Plasmolysis in a plant cell is defined as-
A. break down of plasma membrane in hypotonic solution
B. shrinkage of cytoplasm in hypertonic medium
C. shrinkage of nucleoplasm
D. none of these

9. Which of the following are covered by a single membrane?
A. mitochondria
B. vacuole
C. lysosome
D. plastid
10. Find out the false sentence-
A. Golgi apparatus is involved with the formation of lysosomes
B. Nucleus, Mitochondria and plastid have DNA; hence they are able to make their own structural proteins
C. Mitochondria is said to be the power house of the cell as ATP is generated in them
D. Cytoplasm is called as protoplasm